Saturday, April 10, 2010

Picnicking Needs Work

Today we went for a hike and a picnic, which was really fun and wore the baby right out, but he wasn't so good at the picnicking part. I thought eating outside on the ground was, like, every child's favorite thing, but Mini McGee didn't want to pick his food up off the ground (well, off the picnic blanket) and kept putting his feet in his food (ewwww!) and only wanted whatever WE were eating. Which was mostly the same thing HE was eating, but he wanted ours instead of his.

I don't know why none of these potential roadblocks occurred to me but somehow I thought we'd have a picnicky idyll where we relaxed and ate and he played with his Cheerios on the blanket and was adorable and perfect.

Oh well, at least all the dining al fresco tired him out so much he's been napping for two hours! (Ninety minutes of which I wasted napping too, but I guess that's okay.)

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Anonymous said...

Napping time is never wasted time!