Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Motherhood Is Getting to Me

I keep putting clothes on inside out. Not just underwear ... not just T-shirts ... but EVEN MY PANTS. In fact, I wore my pants inside out ALL DAY the other day and nobody mentioned it to me. I didn't notice until I went to take them off that night and couldn't get the button and zipper undone, because THEY WERE INSIDE OUT. I guess with the "deconstructed" look in and with my shirt covering the tags, nobody noticed my pants were inside out. And I guess I was so tired when I put them on in the morning that I managed to figure out the inside-out zipper with out actually registering it was inside out.



Michael said...

I managed to put my watch on backwards a time or two and not notice for hours (flexible no clasp watchband) ... but clothes inside out not yet.

Jennifer said...

I am sure you looked fashion-forward. Or homeless.