Monday, September 21, 2009


My mom, who is now totally hot for Peoria politics, was following last night's board meeting on the PJS feed on Twitter, which raises a totally important question:

My mom knows how to use Twitter??????


Jenny said...

That's great. I love that. My parents are constantly texting each other and have codes. They are baby boomers. It cracks me up.

Brooke said...

My mom both purchased a cell phone AND started using facebook within the past few months. I nearly fainted! :)

Anne D. said...

I am a mom and grandma who is on FB, a blogger x 2, and in my job, the editor of a Web news site. Some of us in my generation embraced Internet communication very early on and ran with it. (I was on BITNET in 1981-ish, emailing and messaging like crazy.) Most of my contemporaries are on FB. But I'm too overwhelmed with input to get on the Twitter bandwagon! Now my husband is thinking my next cell phone will be an iPhone. Lord knows where that will lead. :-)

snazzzybird said...

Wait until she friends you on Facebook!

I'm on the far side of 50, and am on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. My grown children use Facebook to keep me (and other family and friends) abreast of what they're doing. I even have a couple of grandkids among my Facebook friends!