Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Towels are BAD

I put the baby down in his crib so I could take a much-needed (at least psychologically-needed) shower after he had the sort of diaper-related incident very little babies have. He was fussing when I got out, not liking having been left alone so long, so I went in to pick him up with my hair still wrapped in a towel. He stopped fussing as he heard me and I picked him up, but then he looked at my face ... then up at the towel ... and stared at the towel for a loooooong minute ...

and then BURST into tears and could not be consoled until I got rid of the towel.

Now my hair looks funny. And now I know better than to wear a nasty evil towel on my head!


Jennifer said...

Hmm.. wait til he's fourteen and cries (out of embarrassment) when you are about to leave the house in your favorite plaid/tie dyed shorts.
(Oh, yeah, he's not a girl, so maybe he won't care!)
(And, yes, they are both tie dyed AND plaid-with paisley-lined pockets, to boot! And they are lovely.)

Ms. PH said...

Eyeglasses always used to freak my kids out because I don't wear them very often - usually just to read in bed.

i do not know me said...

Both our boys have been disturbed by big changes in the wife's hair and even make up.