Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sulphurous Bowels of Hell

The baby was baptized yesterday, and as we always do in my family we were joking about the exorcism and going all, "Satan begone! Get out of the baby!" Today he's farting the stinkiest farts in history.

"Phew, his farts smell like the sulphurous bowels of hell!" I complained to my sister.

"Oh, he's just getting out the last of the Satan," she replied.


Billy Dennis said...

I was going to make a really rude but funny comment here that I am sure Eyebrows would appreciate. But due to the virtual certainty it would be used against me by my enemies, I decided against it.

But go ahead and laugh, because it WAS funny.

Anonymous said...

Eyebrows, Please make sure that the new principal you will be hiring at Lindbergh is well aware of the pending litigation. I think in all fairness to him, he has a right to know that the "fired" principal is fighting to get HER job back. I worry that next year when McArdle comes back, this gentleman will be without a job. Not fair any way you slice it, but please make sure Mary Davis has not sold him a bill of goods (she is very good at it). Thanks

Anonymous said...

Please explain WHY an administrator let go from another district (completely worthless) has now been hired BACK to 150?

Anne D. said...

LOL! I love it.

And who is this anonymous dude cluttering up your blog comments with local politics?

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