Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike ...

Eyebrows mass-texts the family: Flippy said "ga"!

Immediate return texts:

Aunt McGee: Aww. A clear attempt at 'Aunt McGee'

Grandpa: Cool! I think he was trying to say "grandpa."

Grandma: Short for grandma of course

Phone call from husband: I think he was saying my name.

They're all wrong. Obviously he was working towards "Mama."


Anonymous said...

He is a genius to have such advanced language abilities at his young age.

Jennifer said...

My son's first word was "aaa-goo." Which sounds exactly like "Mommy."

Anonymous said...

Or at least "hey you," which is pretty close!

Anonymous said...

Actually, "ga" means "of course I want fries with that!" I can't believe no one knew that

Flippy's Great Aunt