Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stupid Cat Tricks: All Your Bassinet Are Belong to Us

I've noticed cats are always crazy in the spring, but mine seem to be outdoing themselves this year, perhaps because Striped Cat is now a cat-years teenager and perhaps because the house is in a certain amount of uproar as we get the nursery ready and clean as comprehensively as possible.

The problem with a baby arriving is the cats suddenly have a zillion extra places to sleep -- bassinet, pack 'n' play, changing table, baby laundry basket, etc. Flippy will come home to a room pre-covered in cat hair just for him. I'm spending an awful lot of time chasing cats out of baby sleeping areas, which I kind-of feel bad about, because first of all, they're really perfectly cat-sized and secondly, they're just trying nap! Geez!

This morning I woke up to a strange, repetitive sound, and after I lay there for a few minutes, I realized it was the sound of someone rolling the toilet paper over and over. "Argh," I think, stumbling out of bed and to the bathroom. Indeed, it was not just someone but TWO someones, both furry, who were sitting there TAKING TURNS AND COOPERATING (sign of the Apocalypse #147) to unroll the entire roll. Very patiently and peacefully rolling and rolling and rolling the roll. Great.

This is a new trick. Grey Cat will on occasion take a couple swipes at the roll, generally when he's really bored and has been left alone too long (like if his people get the flu and refuse to get out of bed and play with him), but this was new. Guess I'll be turning all the rolls backwards today.


Anon E. Mouse said...

Somebody sent us up the hairball!

Diane Vespa said...

I am a lover of all animals but have to say - your posts are really challenging for me to keep cats on my list Lol!

Dw3t-Hthr said...

I've heard that spreading aluminum foil in baby-container spaces will dissuade felines from occupying them. Not that I have similar concerns or anything. ;)

(- Darkhawk)

Khaili Bowen said...

Just wait until you have a 2yo boy unraveling every roll of toilet paper you have. We haven't had toilet paper on the roll for at least 5 yrs lol


Billy Dennis said...

I had a cat that did that. I stopped putting it on the roller and just leaving the roll on the top of the tank. Well, the cat learned quickly to get it down and have her fun. So I started putting it in the cabinet under the sink. The cat thought I was a major-league a$$hole for not sharing.

Kimberly Chapman said...

Totally stalked you here from consumerist and had to say that your subject line on this post made me think, "oh yeah, my kind of nerd.". I made a onesie for my baby that said "all your boobie are belong to us."

Now I'm amused because of someone else's graphic on your comment page because my daughter's name is Peo and I never thought of it being linked to Peoria.

I bookmarked your blog but as you are about to learn, parenthood eats time so here's to hoping to read again later. Otherwise I'll just keep agreeing with you at consumerist.

Wishing you best of luck with the baby!

James said...

I have so much fun trying to teach my new cat tricks. I have a lot of fun doing it. She is about a year old and i have taught her how to sit, roll over and come.