Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doing Well

Baby (whom I'm tempted to call Pink Baby after someone was clever in the comments about my cat names!) is on the gaining weight side of the equation now, eating heartily, farting copiously (and making hilarious faces as he tries to manage it). I'm wiped out but recovering.

Looked at my incision with a mirror. Kind-of wish I hadn't, though I'm sure it'll look better as it heals more. Having been awake for a grand total of two hours, I think I need to go nap now.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parenting, Day Three

We're all still doing well. My C-section incision is healing nicely and I'm allowed to have real food again. I finally looked at the C-section incision this morning ... I got out of bed yesterday but I was afraid to look in case it was really gross or creepy and I passed out or something. But it just looks like my belly is very, very happy.

Baby has lots of hair and is fairly chubby right off; he has all the nice newborn characteristics and none of the ones that make them look like coneheads or Winston Churchill. He latched on at his first nursing attempt and while it hasn't been all smooth sailing, he's doing pretty well at it. Sometimes he gets so frantic looking for the food that when he finds it, he doesn't realize he's got it, and keeps looking, getting madder and madder. At 1 a.m. while full of painkillers without having slept much the night before EITHER when he started doing this, I became suddenly worried this parenting gig was going to be waaaaaaay too much for me. But eventually he goes back to sleep and looks adorable and I forget.

I actually went into labor right about when we arrived to the hospital for the C-section, and by the time I went in for the surgery, the contractions were as close as 3 minutes apart! But I only felt them for about an hour before the epidural came on board. I DID NOT like getting the epidural and I DID NOT like the sensation of having the epidural in me, but the C-section itself wasn't so bad. They had him coming out before I realized they'd really started (I could feel him coming out, the pressure as they pushed from the top). Then there was interesting him to watch being checked over while they sewed me up. They were so speedy I was almost done being stitched up when they took him to the nursery.

I'm uncomfortable and tired, but not unbearably so. Baby loves his dad already, and dad is a pro with him, swaddling like an expert, changing diapers, and soothing the baby when he's frustrated. And yes, baby does recognize his Frank Sinatra song when we sing to him.

(And I'm typing this from my hospital bed, because Proctor has wifi! Yay!)

I think this probably isn't very coherent because I'm still fairly drugged, but I seem to be using punctuation semi-correctly so hopefully it's at least readable.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Has Arrived

And I'm too sleepy to say much except that he's here, and I'm Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy ... and a whole host of other dwarves besides.

C-section went off without a hitch and he's learning to latch on pretty well. 7 lbs. 13 oz., 18.5 inches. More later. :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My REM Sleep Is Now Rare. And Weird.

I'm pregnant enough that I don't get much REM sleep, because I wake up every couple of hours for a bathroom break and/or to host a dance party in my uterus.

Last night I slept long enough to have the first dream I've had (or at least recalled) in a couple weeks, which was my REM-y brain making a mash-up of "Tootsie" and "Mrs. Doubtfire." It was a surprisingly good movie, I have to say, though my brain was having difficulty sorting out whether Robin Williams or Dustin Hoffman was in the starring role.

Waking up from this required blinking at the ceiling for two solid minutes going, "WTF?"

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My son is absolutely determined to enter the world ass-backwards. He was head-down at 37 weeks; and then on Wednesday I had such terrible pain from Braxton-Hicks and from massive, super-active fetal movement that I thought I might actually be going into labor; and on Thursday we went in for the 38 weeks position ultrasound ... and he had turned himself head-up! (Which is apparently what all that excruciating activity was.)

Flippy is in a frank breech position -- like a diver in the pike position, knees to nose. His butt is settled nice and low in my pelvis.

We went in this morning for Cephalic External Version, which is where they push on the abdomen from the outside, guided by ultrasound, and try to maneuver the baby into going back to head down. Flippy was quite happy to move his head and spine all around as directed by the doctor's pushing, but his butt is locked too firmly down in my pelvis and he just kept rotating on his ass. The doctor couldn't get him popped up, so the CEV was a flop (or at least definitely not a flip).

And, yes, the CEV was freaking painful (though not intolerable), and, yes, I now feel like I have been pummeled from the inside AND outside of my belly. So all I want to do is lie down ... and frantically prepare the house.

We weren't able to participate in our neighborhood garage sale today because we had to go in for the CEV, so I have a giant pile of STUFF I was planning to be rid of today that's, well, not gone. And a bunch of stuff around the house to do that I thought I'd have a couple more weeks to do, plus time recovering when I could sit still and do brainless tasks like sorting through old files.

Instead we're in a big hurry to get ready for a C-section for my ass-backwards son, which will occur earlier than anticipated, and then I'll have a longer and more difficult recovery than I'd hoped.

On the plus side, with enough frantic cleaning and frantic grading (to get all my grades turned in before the surgery), it's possible I can avoid thinking about the surgery until the last possible moment. I do not particularly cope well with sharp pointy objects, and if I were going to make a horror movie specifically to scare ME, it would definitely involve MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY WHILE I AM AWAKE. I honestly think this is one of the most horrifying ideas modern medicine has ever come up with, up there with the brain surgery where they cut your head open while you're awake, poke at things, and ask you to say if anything happens (they do this one all the time on House). I thought the medical establishment would never inflict anything worse on me personally than that eye-puff glaucoma test (*shudder*), BUT I WAS SO WRONG.

My friends are generally of the opinion that I've had such a difficult pregnancy, culminating in him turning breech at the last second, that he will be an absolute angel child. My family is generally of the opinion that Flippy is exerting his contrary streak early and will keep on as he's begun. Given that my husband and I both have contrary streaks a mile wide, I have a sneaking suspicion my family is right.

I have been threatening Flippy that on his birth announcements, instead of "Flippy McGee: born 10 a.m. on date at place," I'm going to change the wording to read, "Flippy McGee: entered the world ass-backwards at 10 a.m. on date at place," but he seems unimpressed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stupid Cat Tricks: All Your Bassinet Are Belong to Us

I've noticed cats are always crazy in the spring, but mine seem to be outdoing themselves this year, perhaps because Striped Cat is now a cat-years teenager and perhaps because the house is in a certain amount of uproar as we get the nursery ready and clean as comprehensively as possible.

The problem with a baby arriving is the cats suddenly have a zillion extra places to sleep -- bassinet, pack 'n' play, changing table, baby laundry basket, etc. Flippy will come home to a room pre-covered in cat hair just for him. I'm spending an awful lot of time chasing cats out of baby sleeping areas, which I kind-of feel bad about, because first of all, they're really perfectly cat-sized and secondly, they're just trying nap! Geez!

This morning I woke up to a strange, repetitive sound, and after I lay there for a few minutes, I realized it was the sound of someone rolling the toilet paper over and over. "Argh," I think, stumbling out of bed and to the bathroom. Indeed, it was not just someone but TWO someones, both furry, who were sitting there TAKING TURNS AND COOPERATING (sign of the Apocalypse #147) to unroll the entire roll. Very patiently and peacefully rolling and rolling and rolling the roll. Great.

This is a new trick. Grey Cat will on occasion take a couple swipes at the roll, generally when he's really bored and has been left alone too long (like if his people get the flu and refuse to get out of bed and play with him), but this was new. Guess I'll be turning all the rolls backwards today.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Does anyone in the Peoria area have a carpet store/installer they particularly like?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sympathetic My Ass

My husband is having the most annoying couvade (sympathetic pregnancy) symptom ever.

I am exhausted, being at 36 weeks and having achieved the point of pregnancy where not only am I carrying around a lot of extra weight, but where I can only sleep for three hours or so before being woken by ninja fetus kicking the heck out of my tiny bladder. So he is sleeping 10 to 14 hours a night and requiring 1 to 2 naps a day. Because there's apparently nothing like rubbing it in that some of us get to sleep and some of us don't.

To be fair, he is doing a ton of yard and housework. But STILL.