Friday, April 24, 2009

Cats & Pregnancy

Things Cats Dislike about Pregnancy:

*The disappearance of my lap.

*The appalling number of times I get out of bed in the night that does NOT result in someone feeding them (everyone knows the only reason people get out of bed is to feed the cats). The first couple times they patiently follow me to the bathroom, figuring it's a pitstop on the way to the kitchen. By time number four, they're vocally expressing their irateness.

*Rearrangement of furniture.

*My inability to refill their water bowls. I can no longer get down there and back up. I have to pour water from up high and hope my aim is good; they HATE this and refuse to drink out of them for a good ten minutes, just in case the terrifying waterfall comes back.

Things Cats Like about Pregnancy:

*The sheer quantity of things I drop, some of which are food.

*The space heater appended to my belly. I'm super-warm! They love to lean against me.

*Pregnant-lady-hormone-smell, apparently.

*My total inability to catch them. They're too fast and I'm too clumsy. There's no rule enforcement regime in this house anymore other than shouting "NO!" And definitely no vet trips.

*Morning sickness. I don't know why, but they seem to find this entertaining. I'm delighted I could provide this service for them throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy instead of cutting off the show after three months.

*Extra people naps.

*Boxes! Baby stuff comes in boxes! Cats love boxes!

Things I Dislike about Cats During Pregnancy:

*The underfoot game. I cannot step over them. I have to wait for them to move.

*Tails. See above. I step on them a lot. I miss Orange Cat, the tail-less.

*The smell of cat food.

Things I Like about Cats During Pregnancy:

*Purring and kicking. When they lean against my belly and purr, Flippy kicks like crazy towards the purring. I don't know if this is, "Get that thing away!" or "Ooooh! Neat sound!" but it amuses me every time.

*No litter for months and months and months. Thanks, toxoplasmosis!


(Yes, I have successfully combined catblogging and mommyblogging. Yay me!)


Micah Seymour said...

Needs Friday Cat Photo stat;)

Stay well, and keep the kitties from underfoot.

PS -- My captcha is "colecia" I think I take that for blood pressure or something.

Anonymous said...

You are sooooooo funny! lol

Carol said...

Hey Laura - I had to leave an anonymous comment until I figured out how to get an account.
I always enjoy reading your posts! Congratulations on winning that schoolboard election. I am totally impressed. You are the NEW woman!
I'm looking forward to meeting Flippy in the near future.
Love, Aunt Carol