Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pool Therapy

Went for my first pool therapy today. It felt SO GOOD to get Flippy off my spine and hips for a while and let everything just RELAX.

Flippy, on the other hand, was somewhat non-plussed. Flippy's not a fan of me reorienting gravity on him (by, say, turning over) to begin with. Turning gravity OFF by getting in the water freaked him out. If I can transcribe the sensations coming from my belly, Flippy was saying something like:

"Wait ... WTF ... WHERE IS GRAVITY? WHERE'D IT GO???!?!!?!?!?!??!"

He has pretty recognizable patterns of behavior by now, and the water definitely threw him for a loop.

Threw me for a bit of a loop too when I got in -- it turns out you're a LOT more buoyant when you're pregnant. I thought I was going to pop right back up like a cork!


Sue said...

OH! You have to come over and swim! Give me a call...anytime is fine with me~ the water is warm!

LadySiren said...

Just saw your preggers comment on Consumerist. Grats on the baby bumpage!