Friday, March 27, 2009

The Little One LOVES the Big One

<---Pirate Cats packaged for shipping!

Thought I'd do a little update on Striped Cat and Grey Cat. I have never seen an instance of feline hero worship quite as dire as Striped Cat's worship for Grey Cat.

Striped Cat routinely follows him around the house ... any time we see Grey Cat on the move, we can be sure Striped Cat will be about 5 feet behind. Striped Cat likes to snuggle up against Grey Cat to sleep, but first he always checks to see what position Grey Cat is sleeping in and then mimics that position. Seriously. And if Grey Cat moves, Striped Cat checks and adjusts his position accordingly.

Striped Cat only wants to eat out of whatever bowl Grey Cat is eating out of. He will even half-hang on Grey Cat's back so he can eat the kibble Grey Cat drops. (Still not kidding.) He's lucky Grey Cat is pretty mellow about being messed with while eating. Grey Cat will switch bowls so Striped Cat can have the bowl Striped Cat is trying to share with Grey Cat, which results in Striped Cat following Grey Cat to the new bowl.

Grey Cat loves lettuce, particularly dark leafy varieties. Striped Cat does NOT love lettuce, but every time Grey Cat has lettuce, Striped Cat wants a piece, which he then eats, makes a terrible face that says, "Ugh, why are we eating this?" and then he eats the rest of it anyway -- or at least until Grey Cat stops eating HIS lettuce.

Grey Cat loves showers. He thinks we take showers just to provide him with sauna opportunities. Striped Cat, again, not such a fan -- the noise of the shower terrifies him, like it does all normal cats. At first he would pace outside the door while we showered and Grey Cat sat inside enjoying his schvitz. Then he started sitting against the outside of the door. Then he would sit half in and half out of the door, staring frantically around to make sure escape routes had not been cut off. Now he follows Grey Cat in and sits inside the bathroom for the whole shower, the entire time with this look on his face like, "Why is this supposed to be fun? PLEASE can you turn off the noisy monster sound?" But if Grey Cat is going to do it, Striped Cat is going to do it.

Grey Cat seems resigned to his worshipful shadow, though now and then he makes a gargantuan effort to have a nap to himself (it never works). Once I had to separate them when they were fighting, and I had to lock up Grey Cat because I'm too cumbersome to catch Striped Cat (who is speedy and slippery). When I came to let Grey Cat out of the bathroom after a cooling-down period, he refused to come out -- he was having such a peaceful, worship-free nap in there.

Life is hard on the pedestal.


Billy Dennis said...

So, Striped Cat is the feline formally known as Beige Cat? Gotcha.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Actually, mostly these days we call him "Weasel." He grew in funny as he came out of kittenhood, all long and skinny with short stumpy legs, like a dachshund. And then he would stand up on his back legs like a prairie dog. So "Weasel." :) But yes, Striped Cat = Beige Cat = Weasel = Oscar.