Monday, March 02, 2009

He Did It His Way

We went to do all the registering for Flippy this weekend, which is an exhausting process because a) babies DO NOT need this many choices (in Soviet Russia, registry picks you!) and b) it's hard to pick things for someone you've never met and don't know anything about.

Which is not quite true. In addition to knowing he's an unusually active child, we learned this weekend that Flippy likes Frank Sinatra.

We go on many Saturdays to see Bridget and the Boogiemen at Panache (7 to closing), with various friends, which is about the right speed for me currently -- leaning back on a couch and listening to music while eating incessantly is about all the social excitement I can handle.

Back when my baby books informed me Flippy could hear and would recognize sounds he heard in the womb later when he was born, I started trying to think of what good jazz I would expose him to, so he would not be born a cultural philistine (or too tainted by my unholy love for Eurotrance). I settled on Fly Me to the Moon as a good song to sing him -- catchy melody, fun words, makes an appearance on Sesame Street as "Slimy to the Moon" with astronaut worms, one of my favorite songs -- and started singing him that now and then.

We requested it when we first went to Panache and the band now plays it for us whenever we drop by on a Saturday. Well, this Saturday, when they started playing it, Flippy suddenly went crazy and kept kicking around until they finished the melody, calmed down during the solos, and then went nuts again when they played the melody at the end.

Which I thought was pretty cool. (And part of me is at least a little surprised to learn that this whole "baby can not just hear but recognize sounds in the womb" thing isn't just nonsense.)

So we know at least one thing about Flippy: He likes Fly Me to the Moon. You should, too. It's a good song!


Flam said...

Great song! At least it wasn't My Way, but that will probably come later....terrible two's?

Mahkno said...

Lessons learned by the third child; that people buy a lot of useless crap for their first.

Wanda (aka Metschick) said...

Yeah, there are way too many choices when registering. It was overwhelming (then again, I get overwhelmed when presented with more than 3 option).

One thing that I orig thought was crap but turned out to be necessary was the wiper warmer. My girl didn't like me wiping her butt with a cold wipe, esp not in the middle of the night.

Jennifer said...

It's amazing all the baby stuff that's available now. And how everything has to be coordinated!
Good luck winnowing your way through all the offerings. It's hard when you don't have a baby to know what's needed and what's not.

emily said...

panache is my favorite place in peoria. maybe i'll see you there sometime! good luck giving flippy a cultural education! :)