Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Name Nerdery

"You know, I'd really kind-of prefer a saint's name, or a Biblical name."



"But --"

"NO. Canonical texts only."


Anonymous said...


Ms. PH said...

I gotta be honest . . . some days I fear for your child!

Anon E. mouse said...

How about "Dren"?

Dren is, of course, the pat name that Joanie used for Potsie in the "Happy Days" episode where she has a crush on him. Dren is, of course, Nerd, backwards.

Billy Dennis said...

Ms. PH: Their child will have the quirkiest sense of humor. Teachers will ador this child. Other students ... well, there will be funny names.

Anonymous said...

Wow. There are so many ways that could be taken wrong.

We took most of our children's names from the Bible: John Christian, Noah David, and Olivia Erin Grace. But rest assured, a) no matter what you pick, their classmates will find a way to either create a nickname or shorten it to something you don't like, and b) in 30 years, everyone will be comfortable.

Keara said...

ROFL. Oh, thank you. That was the funniest, most erudite post I have read in a long time. Love it, love you. Blessings on your child.

Shinygrape said...

#1: I like your screen name
#2: I read you comment on some forum, and I must know what shoes you bought that lasted all these many years! I blow through shoes like CRAZY - granted, I walk around a lot in downtown Philadelphia, but still...15 years? What is the secret?

Dalandra said...

Shiny grape: I know Eyebrows' secret: she only ever wears any pair of shoes once a year or so since she has ten gazillion pairs of shoes. ;)