Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cat Blogging

Okay, now I've gone and gotten all self-conscious about my "cat-blogging." But the cats have fans who want to know why I'm not blogging about them! So here's your update.

Beige Cat -- That's the new one. My mom said she'd disown me if I called him "Weird Cat" or "Photoshopped Cat" on my blog. Maybe Striped Cat? Still working on it. Anyway, Beige Cat is settling in nicely, though he only likes Mr. McGee and me when we're sleeping. Standing-up humans scare him.

But Beige Cat LOVES Grey Cat. There was an initial period of skepticism, and of course there's still plenty of wrestling, but Beige Cat ADORES Grey Cat. Beige Cat follows him around the house, insists on sleeping curled up against him, wants to eat the food Grey Cat drops instead of the perfectly good food in Beige Cat's bowl ... it's insane. Beige Cat does a lot of kneading of Grey Cat's belly, which is what kittens to do their moms. Grey Cat constantly has this look on his face like, "Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot." But he's being pretty tolerant about the whole thing.

Beige Cat's most disconcerting habit, to Grey Cat's mind, is attack snuggling. Beige Cat will be racing around the house being crazy and kittenish, spot Grey Cat, and go racing over, purr motor already running, to LEAP upon Grey Cat and snuggle on top of him (falling immediately asleep as kittens and babies do). I sort-of feel like this is payback, as Grey Cat weighs 20 lbs. and frequently leaps upon ME unexpectedly to look for snuggles, and it's very funny to watch Grey Cat get startled awake (yet again) by the bundle of Beigeness that is DETERMINED to love him to pieces.

On the plus side, Grey Cat has regained his waistline since we got Beige Cat. Grey Cat had gotten a little tubby as Orange Cat slowed down and the two spent most of their time sleeping ... and then as Orange Cat quit eating and Grey Cat started some opportunistic food theft. In just a month or so, Grey Cat has slimmed down considerably, which makes him look much less like a cuddly fluffball and much more like a linebacker/professional mafia kneecapper. I'd forgotten quite what a bruiser he is under all that fur!


Donna/Doxy/LyricFox said...

Beige cat? Beige CAT? BEIGE cat?

Sounds really, really uninspiring, Koi. You gotta come up with a more creative name. :)

Anonymous said...

Ozzie cat would work

Mary H. said...

Yay! A cat update and a baby update!

BTW, there is a host of other Beige names on the Wikipedia site for Beige -

How about Bisque Cat or Blanched Almond Cat?

Donna/Doxy/LyricFox said...

Or Taupe Cat. That's a beige sort of color.

Anonymous said...

mauve cat?

Vanilla Bean Counter said...

Ombre Cat?

GardenAuthor said...

Was so happy to find the feline update. Glad to hear they're working everything out. I'm sitting here, fighting with one of my orange and white triplets for keyboard time (Kipper is fascinated with depressing keys until they rattle), about to suggest "Ecrucat" as an epithet./Deb