Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bits & Pieces

So they say by this age (18 weeks), Flippy can loosely hear things outside the womb, and that songs the fetus is exposed to a lot in the womb are calming and soothing after the fetus is born.

This led me to the slightly uneasy conclusion that Flippy will probably go down for all his or her naps to the driving strains of trance music (such as this), since that's what I always like to have on when I'm working.


NOBODY likes ANY name I pick out for the Oscar-Cat. I'm tempted to call him Stubby Cat now, no matter what anybody thinks, because his legs are about three sizes too short for his body.

Anyway, last night we learned that Oscar Cat DOES NOT like thunderstorms. There was piteous crying and wailing every time it thundered. I patted the bed up near me so he could come get petted and maybe calm down, but this just resulted in him attacking my hand with all available teeth and claws. Uncool, dude.


I had a slightly less-merry-than-expected Christmas, as I came down with a stomach flu (RIGHT when I'd finished with morning sickness! So unfair!) and I wasn't able to travel to the family Christmas. But my family came down through the fog and ice to see me on the 26th, so that was cheery at least. And at least I have plenty of video games and books to keep me entertained.

My mother pointed out if I keep this up, I'll be a size 2 after I give birth, since apparently I'm not going to actually digest anything I attempt to eat until spring. :P

(Grey Cat's latest trick, incidentally, was an attempt to comfort me with headbutting while I was attempting to worship the porcelain goddess. This almost ended EXTREMELY BADLY.)


Anon E. Mouse said...

I have a few music recommendations for you.

This is hysterically good fun.

For the season just passed

Another goodie. Who doesn't like Sesame Street?

This one has original tunes

Also, my kids (and seemingly MOST kids I know) love:
Elvis, especially Elvis gospel
Dean Martin
Johnny Cash

(an aside: My wife is involved with animal rescue and she has found that no music quiets and soothes animals like Johnny Cash) said...

Congratulations! I just found out you are expecting! How wonderful!

Joel Steinfeldt said...

I had the same stomach flu. Not fun. Hope you feel better soon! Keep blogging!

emily said...

what would be funny is if you let flippy listen to cnn.