Wednesday, December 10, 2008

... and Baby Makes Three. McGees.

Because we've come to the point where people start to awkwardly wonder if I had a giant burrito for lunch or if something else is going on, it's time to confess, blogosphere, that something else is going on. Specifically, I am pregnant.

We're thrilled, of course. We've seen Flippy on ultrasound, and we've named him/her/it Flippy because it was so frantically paddling its then-flippers at the 8 weeks ultrasound that the tech had to chase Flippy down to get a heartbeat -- and warned us we were in for it, as they're never this active that early. (Where d'you think you're going there, Chief?)

I am 15 weeks along, and I've had a fairly epic battle with morning sickness, so it hasn't been a fun first trimester. Other than class, I've been basically house-bound since the end of October. It seems to be tapering off, knock on wood, so hopefully I'll get to this magical part of pregnancy everyone keeps telling me about where it's "fun" soon.

So the answer to basically every question you've had for me for the last three months is, "pregnant."

Eyebrows, why were you so tired and boring the last time I saw you out? Pregnant.
Eyebrows, why haven't I seen you out among people since Halloween? Pregnant.
Eyebrows, why haven't you blogged in like forever? Pregnant, and it was hard to think of other things to blog about when one topic was totally consuming my mind and I couldn't say anything!
Eyebrows, how did you manage to sprain your wrist? I was racing for the bathroom and Grey Cat thought I was going somewhere fun and played the underfoot game, resulting in me tripping on him and falling really hard, spraining my wrist. Or, short version: Pregnant.

Flippy is due to arrive May 29, although fetuses are notoriously bad at observing calendar dates.

And now I have to tell the story I've been dying to tell since I found out I was pregnant, because it was hilarious and I had to keep it all to myself. I went in to get the blood drawn to confirm the pregnancy, and the first thing that had happened to me as soon as I got pregnant was that my fingers swelled up so huge I couldn't get my wedding ring on (they remain huge), and the second thing was that I got really emotional, especially right at first. The day of the blood draw I'm all bloaty so I'm wearing my loose jeans and a grubby T-shirt. Meanwhile, we just switched textbooks for intro philo this semester, so I'm sitting in the waiting room highlighting away as I prep for class.

One nurse comes out and asks the other, "Is Eyebrows here?"

Nurse Two replies, "I think she's the student with the textbook there."

I'm just like, "Whatever," and the nurse comes to get me and I follow her back to get the blood drawn. The nurse leaves, and sitting there I start to feel kinda-of emotional as the enormity of "Holy crap, I'm pregnant!" hits me. The nurse comes back a minute later, and asks in a somewhat concerned tone, "Now, who is this Mr. McGee who's on your chart, is he the father?" (Because recall, my husband and I have different last names.)

At this, I just BURST into tears, mostly because I'm overwhelmed and full of hormones. But the nurse has now decided I'm a pregnant unwed college student.

"Is this a good thing? Are you unhappy about the pregnancy?" she asks, in a very concerned and sympathetic tone.

"I'm married *sob* and he's my *sob* husband but *sob* I just can't *sob* get my wedding ring *sob* on," I wailed. "I'm really *sob* excited *sob, hiccup*."

It still makes me giggle.


Diane Vespa said...

Promise me you really won't name the baby Flipper. It will already be a tough job market as it is!

A huge congrats to both you and Mr. McGee. You are in for the journey of a lifetime. ;)

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Congrats! I don't know you but feel a weird stalkery (in a good way) connection to you from your blog. : ) I never really loved being pregant but I loved the labor/delivery part. Call me crazy. Anyway good luck on the next couple of trimesters. I just took Intro to Phil. at ICC last sem. Had an awesome teacher Tim Irwin? Anyway...Good luck and enjoy it!

Lynn said...

Congratulations to you and your hubby! What exciting news to finally be able to share, even though so many of us are complete strangers. It's such a wonderful experience, enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Eyebrows, All the women that tell you the "loved" being pregnant are nuts. Don't let them make you feel guilty that the bluebirds don't bring your robe every morning as you sing and twirl because you are with child. Congrats on flipper though all the morning sickness is worth it. Mr. Mcgee and you are going to make great parents.

Jennifer said...

Wow, what great news! Congratulations to you and "Mr. McGee!"

My Flock Rocks! said...

Great News! and congratulations to you and Mr McGee! If you need anything, let me know!
What about a poolside baby shower for Flippy? It would be so appropriate! :)

Eyebrows McGee said...

LOL, that would be super-fun!

Dave Mastio said...

Congrats. I vote for flipper as at least a middle name.

Secret Server said...

Welcome to the world, Flipper McGee!! That is so wonderful for you both. Congratulations!

Cameron said...

Congratulations!!! I think you should stick with the 'body hair' theme and call him/her/it Nosehair McGee? Backhair McGee?

Ashley Hittinger said...

Omg! Congratulations!! I had a huge smile on my face reading that entry :) I'm just so happy you both are expecting! I bet the families went wild!

james3v1 said...

Congrats, Eyebrows! We'll keep you and Flipper in our prayers.

pollypeoria said...

Congratulations Eyebrows! Couldn't be happier for you. Maybe we should renew our efforts to get the Peoria Childrens Museum up and running so Flipper has a place to hang when s/he starts walking.

ThtreLady said...


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GardenAuthor said...

Congratulations to you both! To quote Prissy from "Gone with the Wind," "I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' babies." So, from this east coast spinster... my best to you all, especially little Flipper. ~ Deb

maubs said...

Reminds me of the first view of my kid. Looked like a little peanut with flippers, so of course we named her "Peanut." Only temporarily, of course. And we thought she was a boy at the time.

Anne said...

Whatever you name your precious baby, we wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!!! Let us know if you have any questions.

All the best,

firefly-124 said...

Very, very belated congrats! And LOL @ the story of finding out for sure. Gotta love the assumptions and the hormones.

Aunt Carol said...

Hey Laura! - I could have found out about Flippy a lot sooner if I had checked your web-site. I am so excited for you! There is nothing like having a baby! Uncle Clyde had to get "fixed" or we may have even more than we have now!
I got really sick my first three months with my first two. Vitamin B6 helped me a lot with the second two.
I can't wait to see "Flippy"!