Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oscar Arrives from Atlanta

We think we're going to name him "Oscar" and call him "Ozzy" for short. He sheds white, which is irritating because now all my black clothes look awful. It's not a great picture, but he's basically a Siamese with a tabby overlay -- it looks like someone Photoshopped him together. He's beige on the body with cream tabby stripes; and then black on his Siamese color points (tail, legs, head) with grey/silver stripes. He is a weird-looking cat. (Perhaps I shall call him Weird Cat. Or Photoshopped Cat, but that takes a long time to type.)

He's getting along well so far -- he and Grey Cat are alternately tolerating and ignoring one another, and alternately playing and fighting (but nothing too serious). He has good cat manners -- uses his litterbox, doesn't use his claws -- and he sometimes likes to snuggle, but he's still very skittish around people and he's only a year old, so he's got a lot of youthful energy. (A LOT of youthful energy. It's exhausting watching him!)

Oscar has a strange backstory. My aunt in Atlanta is a cat vet, and a client came in with a one-eyed cat she'd found stray, and was saying, "Boy, it's too bad he just has one eye; he's sweet-tempered, but nobody's going to adopt a one-eyed cat." (Client already having more than enough cats herself.)

My aunt said, "You know, I have a niece who adopts nothing BUT one-eyed cats; it's too bad she's in Illinois."

And the client said, "I'm a flight attendant and I'm flying to Chicago next week! I can drop him off!"

Even crazier, she had a doctor's appointment in the suburb next to my parents', so she flew with Oscar to Chicago, dropped him with my mom, and mom drove him downstate, whereupon Oscar, who had had no idea there were so many methods of conveyance with which to torture a cat, decided hiding behind the toilet for 16 hours was probably his best strategy.

(He even arrived with his own little pair of wings, like they give little kids on airplanes.)

So despite all the mocking about "What, did they run out of strays in Peoria?" Oscar was clearly sent by God or something. It was foreordained. One of my students said, in awe at the story of how he ended up here, "Wow, that cat's going to save your life or something!"


Secret Server said...

Aww, he's very adorable and very lucky to have a great pet parent.

Jeep2000 said...

What a lucky cat!!

Donna/Doxy/LyricFox said...

"My aunt said, "You know, I have a niece who adopts nothing BUT one-eyed cats; it's too bad she's in Illinois."

And the client said, "I'm a flight attendant and I'm flying to Chicago next week! I can drop him off!""


He's a pretty boy, Koi. And he's got himself a wonderful home.

C. Page said...

That is HYSTERICAL. Divine intervention if you ask me. This is the cat you are supposed to have. He looks very regal for an Ozzy. I'm thinking Oscar Wilde. He's very handsome, even with just the one eye.

Anonymous said...

His eye is blue, by the way, though it was washed out in that photo.
Mr. McGee

Jennifer said...

Isn't it amazing that having lost an eye may well have saved that cat's life? (Otherwise, he may have ended up in the pound.)

Anonymous said...

Oscar is quite handsome and looks like he'll live up to his strong name. (But let's hope that "divine spear" doesn't refer to his claws.) Glad to hear he's adapting so well. Truly enjoyable history on his journey to you folks. He's in exactly the right place. /Deb

Anon E. Mouse said...

When you first posted "Atlanta" I just assumed it was the town on I-55 just south of Mclean.

Ramble On said...

Lucky cat, lucky you! One of my cats is blind another has just three legs. Glad you and Oscar found each other.

Laura McGowan said...

Siamese genes seem pretty prevalent in the stray cat population. We adopted a little sweetheart who is a flame point snowshoe. Just adorable. His siblings were grey tabbies. Too weird.

Mary H. said...

He's so pretty!!! And see, I had to email you to find out, because I'm a bad blog reader.

B said...

That is awesome!