Friday, October 17, 2008

General Update, Things Have Been Hectic

I have been hassled all week for not blogging, to which I plead guilty. I didn't feel much like it for a couple days after Orange Cat went to the great snugglefest in the sky, and then I promptly came down with a cold, which has now turned itself into a ridiculous case of bronchitis that is making me a very sad girlie. Poor Mr. McGee has not has a wife this week, but an ugly bag of mostly water that keeps him awake with coughing.

So, things that require updating:
Grey Cat is lonely. He gets especially worked up at bedtime, as Orange Cat never missed the overnight nap and its attendant sunggles, so Grey Cat keeps looking around the bedroom and upstairs bathroom to try to find him. He's also been very demanding about attention. I think sooner rather than later we'll have to find him a new feline companion at PAWS (though they totally don't have any one-eyed strays in stock right now).

We received a lot of kindness and support after Orange Cat's death, and I haven't had a chance to respond to a lot of it (what with all the coughing I'm busy with), but we do appreciate it, very much.

I am picking up a few extra classes, to help out a colleague who's off for a little while, so my blogging time will probably be even more scarce for the next little while.

Mr. McGee has finished painted the floor and walls of half the basement. The plumber comes Monday to hook back up my washer and dryer (it is not, sadly, Troy the Cat-Loving Plumber, because he's booked through the end of next week and I am running out of underwear too fast to wait that long, but rather one of his colleagues). So the unfinished, "service" side of the basement can finally be put back together. The upstairs of my house can't go quite back to normal yet, but it can get a lot closer now that I'll have my storage space back!

I also got a very nice shout-out on Consumerist; I'm pretty sure getting a Gawker-network shout-out makes me at least as famous as some minor wannabe celebutantes.


Ms. PH said...

Hey - I totally think you should take my cat. He's orange and white, fat, mostly-friendly, house-broken, and kills any bugs he can find.

On the downside, he eats a lot of toilet paper, has two eyes and all of his tail, has a mean bite, and my daughter would probably miss him.

Anonymous said...

When you are feeling better, lets get together at your gym or mine or go for a walk. Let me know what your schedule is like.