Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orange Update

When Orange Cat was first diagnosed with kidney failure, they didn't think he'd make it to August. It's almost October now. He's still pretty happy, but he's moving somewhat gingerly now, and he's starting to have some more bladder problems. When he went to the vet this week, his kidneys were deteriorating faster than they had been. He looks so sadly thin.

But he's still doing his Orange thing and finding people to snuggle up against and sunbeams to sit in.

By my count, he's cheated death four times now: being abandoned, being left in the shelter past his "euthanize" date -- they only kept them 30 days at that shelter, but he was so sweet tempered they kept him well past that even with his one eye and stubby tail -- getting his diabetes under control, and now outliving his kidney diagnosis by two months and counting. So he's a pretty lucky cat any way you look at it.

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