Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ah, The Young Padawans

They're catching on to me too quickly. I asked, "What color are carrots?"

About half the class uncertainly mumbled, "Orange?"

About a quarter of the class cried out, almost simultaneously, "Every color but orange!"

And about a quarter of the class flatly refused to answer on the grounds it was a trick question.

I said, "Okay, guys, if this WEREN'T a philosophy class and you WEREN'T assuming I was asking a trick question, what color are carrots?"

Only then would they all agree, arguendo, that carrots are orange.


maubs said...

If only in riddles you speak, anticipate the hook they will, hmm?

amorous congruous stick said...

my goodness, i'd be so terrified to be in your class! :)

good for them, though!

thanks for keeping the masses entertained!