Monday, August 18, 2008

Six Years and Counting

Mr. McGee and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary last week, and you can tell it's been six years because we celebrated primarily by NOT DOING ANYTHING, given that we're both exhausted from our fairly hectic and stressful summer. I think we had bacon and eggs for breakfast instead of his usual cereal and my usual, "What happens to be on the shelf of the fridge that I don't have to do anything to before I can eat it with my fingers?"

Anyway, in honor of the occasion, I present another edition of Mr. McGee Unplugged, because I love him and he cracks me up.


While we're having a long argument about something that's really annoying me:

Him: ... for several reasons. A, blah blah blah. Second, blah blah blah. And three, blah --

Me: I'm sorry, a, second, three?

Him: ...

Me: A, second, three????

Him: Okay, but I'm still right.

(Probably true or I wouldn't have been objecting to his lack of parallelism.)


Rousing me from a sound sleep with frantic motion in the closet.

Me: What? What's the matter?

Him: Have you seen my belt?

Me: (groggily, sitting up, looking around) What?

Him: My belt! I can't find it!

Me: (confused, half-asleep) The one around your waist?

Him: (looks down, touches belt to confirm its existence, starts to blush)

Me: Really? REALLY?


maubs said...

It is a well-established fact that only those with XX chromosomes can locate lost items before sunrise. Don't fight it.

My Flock Rocks! said...

Ahhh Happy Anniversary! Hope you can make it this weekend...I'll even break out the good bottle of Champagne, and we can continue to celebrate.

Jennifer said...

Hmm.. I must say I've done the same thing with my glasses.

Happy anniversary!

Rixblix said...

It's called man-vision. It also prevents the youngest of the xy's from finding things like socks, ketchup and homework.


i do not know me said...

Next comes the dreaded seven year itch. Sorry to try to be a downer, but that's where I am at tonight.