Friday, August 01, 2008

Orange Cat Is an Absurdly Good Cat

Orange Cat is getting fluids every night, subcutaneous fluids that require him being poked with a fairly large needle and then 100 mL of fluids being pumped into him from one of those IV bags. (Which, if you've never had it done, feels weeeeeeeird. I had fluids when I had mono, and it feels cold and creepy.)

So Orange Cat is SUCH A GOOD CAT that when we get out the IV bag, he COMES OVER TO THE COUCH AND LEAPS UP ON IT TO SIT BETWEEN US so that we can give him the fluids. Normal cats HIDE from medical procedures. Orange Cat comes over, sits in the right spot, and then gets himself all tensed up with his tiny stub of a tail poking up anxious readiness so he can get his fluids.

It's really ridiculous. We get out the IV bag and he comes rushing over to the couch to assume the position. It would not be possible to have a better-behaved, sweeter cat.


Orange Cat goes back to the vet next week for another checkup and set of tests. I am bemused by Orange Cat's quasi-celebrity status; he is such a sweet boy, and so locally famous from my blog, that everyone in the neighborhood, from my allergic-to-cats neighbor who takes care of him when we're out of town to the 3-year-old down the street who calls me "the girl wif the cats wif one EYES, mom!" is dropping by to give him some love, and the entire local blogosphere is concerned for his wellbeing.

Orange Cat's also well-known and well-beloved at the vet; it's been a while, so let me once again toot the horn of Dr. Bryan Wulfekuhle at Meadowbrook Vet, who has been spectacularly awesome through this entire ordeal with Orange Cat, from the beginning of the diabetes to this kidney failure. I really, seriously, can't recommend him and Meadowbrook Vet enough.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that he's being so good, but I'm so glad to hear that he is. So much less traumatic all around that way. Sending him virtual scritches.

Jennifer said...

Hmm... maybe he has Munchhausen Syndrome and is faking and enjoying all the attention?

Okay, that might be taking anthropomorphizing a bit far...

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wulfkuhle Rocks! My best to Orange Cat!