Monday, July 07, 2008

Thunder and Lightning, Very Very Frightning

Woke up at 2:51 a.m. for the start of an hour-long electrical storm, a true one with no rain, just thunder and lightning, non-stop, for over an hour. Well, I think for over an hour, because the power went out around 3:40, which ensured we overslept this a.m.

The rain actually didn't arrive until around 8:20, with a bang and a crash and a deluge, which was what woke me up instead of the alarm clock.

All different kinds of thunder: rolling, hiccupy, crackling, gun crack, booming. It was actually pretty fascinating to listen to. And once again I marveled at my husband's ability to sleep through Armageddon (and earthquakes) as a gun-crack thunderclap banged right overhead, scaring me into sitting up with an adrenaline rush and both the cats into racing for the basement ... and Mr. McGee didn't even roll over.

Mr. McGee spent the weekend building me a stream in the backyard (it's not quite done, but I'll post pictures), the purpose of which is to carry water away from the house and into a low spot planted with plants that like wet feet, as part of my whole "no more water in the basement" thing. It got its first test this morning, unexpectedly soon, and I was SOOOO glad we'd re-attached the outputs for the gutter and the sump-pump and directed them into the stream, because yesterday they were just naked against the house with NO outlet pipes to carry water away from the foundation! (Works like a charm so far!)


Diane Vespa said...

Galileo galileo
Galileo figaro-magnifico

Jennifer said...

Wow, that sounds so cool. A stream in your backyard? Wow.

Eyebrows McGee said...

It's pretty neat! It's not technically a "stream" since it doesn't run continuously (either naturally or from a pump), but it's a sort of extended gutter outlet disguised as a stream. It looks really nice! And it feeds into what'll be a "rain garden," so that's cool too.

b said...

Ah yes dry lighting storms...very cool unless say your entire state hasn't seen rain in months and months .