Thursday, July 10, 2008

That Wasn't On the Menu

Orange Cat came trotting into the living room this morning with a toy in his mouth, and I thought this was a little odd, since Orange Cat's usual method of playing with toys is to sit on them.

What was even odder was that Grey Cat came racing over and wanted to get the toy away from Orange Cat, and Orange Cat was determined not to let him have it. They NEVER fight over toys. So I stand up and start going over to separate them and Orange Cat starts eating the toy. And that's when I realized it was DEAD BIRD.

I started making a "NNNNNNNNNNUH!" sound of disgust, terror, and upset, and got Orange Cat to drop it, whereupon Grey Cat came racing over to get it. So I shoo Grey Cat away and Orange Cat races back to reclaim it. So I shoo Orange Cat away (still going "NNNNNNNNNNUH!") and Grey Cat leaps up on the kitchen counter and starts eat Orange Cat's special food (that Grey Cat is not allowed to have because Grey Cat is on a reducing diet because he looks like a football coach: no neck) while I collect the bird carcass with the litter scoop and throw it outside.


a) I have no idea how the bird got in the house in the first place (and the cats don't go outside), and inspection revealed no possibilities. It must have gotten trapped between the doors or flown in or something; and

b) When I said Orange Cat could eat anything he wanted, I DID NOT MEAN DEAD BIRD, unless it has been properly processed and packaged at a USDA-inspected facility!!!!


Mistress of the Post said...

Irving (the six lb special needs cat) recently killed a bird and brought it into the house, leaving a blood trail that took Craig 2 hours to clean up. I was out of town for work. He took pictures so we could share the joy of the Merry Murderess of Miners Drive.

Really, the bird was bigger than her. She has no claws. Unbelievable.

Josh said...

Give a mouse a cookie...

Secret Server said...

The whole time I was reading, I was thinking "well, you said he could eat whatever he wants". I'm sure he had fun though, even if he didn't get to eat it.

We also have a cat with no neck. It took me awhile to make the connection that it wasn't my family who had been going through a lot of butter lately. (We leave the butter out on the counter and while I thought we were using a lot of butter, Dora kept getting fatter and fatter.) Hopefully covering the butter will be enough to reduce her.

Ms. PH said...

Do you have a fireplace? That's most likely where the bird got in to the house or if you have an attic space.

When I was a child, one of our cats brought in a dead baby bunny and hid it behind a bookshelf. It took us several days to figure out where the smell was coming from.

b said...

Our cats caught a humming bird idea how. Cause there is no way they are that fast.

Then there was the one day they chased the field mouse into the house......the mouse was rescued unharmed except for the panic attack.
I'm suprised it didn't implode from stress but it's a good thing cause I didn't want to clean up any residual gravity wells.

Ahhh pet ownership.

Mary Horst said...

This must mean Orange Cat is feeling better, no? I hope that is the case.

But it's still gross. I'm not sure I'd be able to get a dead bird out of my house without fainting.