Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Orange Cat Is Not Well

So back at the vet today with Orange Cat, and his kidneys are failing. There's a slim possibility it's reversible, but he's getting pretty old, and he's diabetic, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

I kind-of want to blog about this and I kind-of don't, in the same way I kind-of want to talk about it and kind-of want to go hide under my covers, and I kind-of want to laugh about it and kind-of want to cry.

On the laughing side, I now have to give him fluids at home, subcutaneously, to keep him hydrated. Because we all know I cope so well with needles. I swear, I might as well just get EMT certified after all this. Anyway, I managed not to have hysterics, though I almost threw up when the tech demonstrated MOVING IT AROUND UNDER THE SKIN, and it was good they left me alone after because I had to shake for 10 minutes. The vet has absolutely zero confidence I'm going to manage to actually do this at home without fainting (I don't faint, I just have hysterics, I keep telling him), but since it has to be done, I'll manage to do it.

I have what in my family we call loose tear ducts, which means that I cry at just about anything. (Come visit me during the Olympics -- triumphs of human spirit and displays of good sportsmanship always do me in. I cry for two straight weeks.) I got pretty teary discussing Orange Cat's condition, and I felt really bad because I could tell that the fact that I was getting teary was upsetting the vet, who felt bad for making me cry. I wanted to explain to him that it hardly even qualified as crying, since -- this is absolutely true -- I cried so hard coming down the aisle at my wedding that the priest asked me if we needed to stop the wedding, since he'd never seen a bride cry that hard.* But I was afraid if I said more words than necessary I really WOULD start to cry.

Anyway, Orange Cat now has insulin, potassium supplements, sub-Q fluids, antibiotics, special food ... it's a little out of control. But he is happy and not in any pain, and he now gets to eat whatever he wants, so I think that's about as much as I can ask for. And I really do appreciate everyone who's been asking after him. Makes me feel loved.


*This always raises a question for me, since my mom doesn't remember this, and didn't remember me crying at the wedding until she saw the video (and was appalled that I was crying), and that question is: "WHAT WEDDING WAS SHE AT?" I cried so hard nobody could hear my vows!


Donna/Doxy/LyricFox said...

(((Koi and Orange Cat)))

Katie said...

The kids and I so live orange cat (and gray cat too). I am so sorry. Our thoughts are with you. Give orange cat a snuggle for us!

Ms. PH said...

So sad! I cried for days when my cat died - I almost came unhinged. I have a special fondness for gray cat myself (I love the power headbutts) but orange cat is a sweety too!

My Flock Rocks! said...

So sorry to hear about Orange Cat...My thoughts are with you at this difficult time :(

Mistress of the Post said...

Poor Orange Cat, and poor Mr & Mrs McGee. Our cats are our babies too. I can't imagine. Hopefully he will make a miraculous recovery. If anyone can help Dr. W. can.

BTW, did you come up with a date for stitch n bitch?

And I have your World War Z book.

Are you going to PJL gathering on Thursday?

This is the lazy woman's email.


Jennifer said...

Oh, Eyebrows, I'm so sorry that you (and Orange Cat) are going through this. I'm glad to hear that he's not in pain.

I also have "loose tear ducts" combined with a hatred of crying in front of others. It's not a good combo!

(One time at work I was listening to a Dateline episode about bike theft and they interviewed a young boy whose bike had been stolen and I cried so hard a supervisor pulled me aside to ask what was wrong. I really thought of making up a family death right on the spot, but I'm superstitious!)

maubs said...

This is why my pet insurance plan would never work -- "I'm sorry, your pet is totalled. We'll give you a cash payout or a comparable kitten."

sasha said...

I know exactly what you are going through--we went through this with Pablo last fall. I found this website helpful (and hopeful, when I needed it): http://www.felinecrf.org/diagnosis.htm

Anonymous said...

Yes, Eyebrows did darn near flood the church at her wedding. The reason her mother doesn't remember it is because Eyebrow's young cousin then decided to lighten the mood with his Spongebob imitation in the center aisle. THAT is what mom remembers

Eyebrow's Aunt (who came close to slaughtering the little snot)

PS Sorry about the cat - this is not easy

Secret Server said...

I am so sorry to hear about Orange Cat too. It is such a relief he is not in pain and can eat what he wants. And he has a wonderful human caregiver.

Anonymous said...

I did the whole Feline Kidney Failure home treatment plan as well. Even though it cost as much as a new car payment every month, it was worth every penny. My cat lived to be 19 1/2, and died on his own (thank God). The best to you and Orange Cat.

Mary Horst said...

(((((EYEBROWS))))) & (((((ORANGE CAT)))))