Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sidewalks, Again

We're all pretty "The evil that government does lives after it, while the good is oft interred with its bones. So let it be with Peoria"* about, well, most everything government does at every level. So I just wanted to mention how RIDICULOUSLY WELL RUN the sidewalk project on my block is and give props where props are due.

A couple weeks before the project started, we all received a little three-page newsletter with all kinds of information about the project that answers just about any question I had been going to ask. Gives all the names and numbers of everyone involved. Tells us how we'll be inconvenienced (two weeks without our driveways, ugh), and who to contact if you have a medical problem so you can't really be without your driveway.

The project started right on time and has been continuing on schedule despite the fact that they have been poured on routinely since they began the last week of May. They've been out there in the rain every day, only dashing into the cabs of the trucks when the rain gets really bad. Work starts at 7 a.m., and they've been working on Saturdays too. Everyone has been extremely helpful and accommodating, moving the backhoe so I can back out of my driveway (and helping direct me around the giant holes in the ground on either side of my driveway from the water main on one side and gas line on the other, both dug out), coming around and knocking on every door when they're cutting off the water for a couple hours, etc.

Peoria's resident engineer for the project, Jim Lancaster, and the project superintendent, Darin Horowitz of Horowitz Concrete, have both been on site and answering questions from residents (I haven't talked to them, but my next door neighbor gets all kinds of intel from them while out on her afternoon walks). Of course the whole process is fascinating to kids, and most of the workmen have been nice about talking to them while they come to gawk at the earth movers. The newsletter even welcomes kids to come by and take a look as long as they're supervised.

So while this whole process is a gigantic pain in my ass, I really couldn't imagine a better-run pain in my ass, and I'm very impressed that Peoria's running such an efficient, well-communicated, citizen-friendly project.

*bastardized from Shakespeare, Julius Caesar (III, ii), Antony's eulogy for Caesar

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm glad I got out of the neighborhood. Looks like it's all uphill from now on!

I'm glad the sidewalks are getting taken care of. I tripped on that stupid piece outside your home far too many times and suffered from numerous broken toes because of it. Damn you for being a lawyer or I'd...