Monday, June 09, 2008

Disorder All Around

I feel a little spazzed out right now, because my life is drowning in disorder. I've started on my massive summer project of deep cleaning as much of the house as possible -- as in, taking everything out of the drawer/closet/cabinet/shelf, cleaning the storage space, sorting all the stuff, and putting it back neater (and sometimes elsewhere). This is great when it's done, but the mess gets worse before it gets better. I've finished the upstairs hallway (gotta start somewhere!) and I'm halfway done with the master bedroom. I figure since I've been married for five years and with Mr. McGee for seven, anything he's never seen me wear is getting donated.

Meanwhile, they're tearing up the sidewalks on my block to get us new sidewalks and shiny street lights. I'm a little ambivalent on the street lights, since the block is reasonably well-lit from people's porch lights and street lights tend to light-pollute, but they look very nice on the next block over and I'll just cross my fingers they don't put one right in my bedroom window. I appreciate the new sidewalks -- ours were a catastrophe -- but the process of getting there is a nightmare. (Also, while I really do appreciate the new sidewalks and Lord knows we're paying a hefty special assessment for them, I do wonder if they'd have been better putting the city's part of the money towards sidewalks on Sheridan and other main streets -- our neighborhood is quiet, half the time people walk in the street anyway.)

My car is still in the shop, and Orange Cat is still not eating that much. Grey Cat keeps sneaking Orange Cat's meals, so Grey Cat has gotten downright FAT, and he was not a thin cat to begin with. He's on a reducing diet and we've started separating them at meals, which typically leads to one of them pooping or puking for spite. (I wished I had my camera the other day when I was standing over them getting food and they were standing head-to-tail, Grey Cat convex and Orange Cat concave, like some sort of bizarre yin and yang.)

I do have pictures of the garden to post, but that requires me to find my camera at the same time as I find my computer under the pile of crap on my desk; it's been a tough year for vegetables so far, but our prairie plants have done nicely in this rotten weather and Mr. McGee's new trees are thriving. Our sedums/stonecrop/sempervivum also came back really well this spring.

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Diane Vespa said...

Seriouly, you need to throw a few toddlers in to the mix. [Please pardon the maniac-al laughing]