Monday, May 05, 2008

Students Do the Darndest Things

The reason syllabuses (syllabi?) grow every year is that students constantly come up with new ways to do things wrong that never occurred to you when you wrote it.

I just read a term paper from a student, a research paper, where the student clearly just typed up her lecture notes from my lecture -- complete with random digressions into totally unrelated topics where a student asked a question or I started making a comparison to something else to clarify a concept. I'm reading along going, "This is oddly organized for a research paper" and "This seems familiar." Eventually it dawned on me that it was a lecture I just gave, complete with sentence fragments that I realized were the section headers I write on the board to keep myself on track!


I suppose it's at least a couple steps up from last semester when I had a student plagiarize SparkNotes (I mean, seriously? SparkNotes?) and then get VERY INCENSED when I called her on it.


Billy Dennis said...

Back in the day ... late 70s, early 80s ... you actually had to turn in the 3X5 index cards onto which you were supposed to have written down the facts you gathered during research.

Of course, the purpose of this exercize wasn't to teach us to use 3X5 index cards or that all good research uses 3X5 index cards. It was to train us that YOU HAVE TO DO ORIGINAL RESEARCH.

Of course, plagiarism happens all the time in the meia, too.

Jennifer said...

Yah, just wait til you read my latest blog post "Darndest students the the Things."

Seriously, what was she thinking? I think (hope? pray?) that my middle schoolers would know better. (I now have a little better understanding why my package of almonds says "may contain nuts" on the package!)

Jennifer said...

Ooops, that should have read "Darndest students do the Things"

Typos totally ruined the effect!

dd said...

You have students who take notes during your lecture? Wow, it must be nice.

josh said...

What the heck are sparknotes?

Anonymous said...

Think they are the CliffNotes for the current generation!

Anonymous said...

Think they are the CliffNotes for the current generation!

Eyebrows McGee said...

They're like cliff notes, but online. They're really pretty good guides to help you get through a tough text. But plagiarizing from SparkNotes? Really?