Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why Did the Melon Get Married?

... Because he cantaloupe.

I feel the urge to tell this joke every time I serve cantaloupe, which is possibly why we don't eat it very often.

At any rate, switching Orange Cat's food did nothing to convince him to eat anything, and he'd basically stopped eating entirely, so I went to the supermarket in search of Orange Cat's favorite human foods (really, the only human foods he eats, other than a little chicken): Cantaloupe and Hot Wings. Really. Grey Cat is uninterested in hot wings since you've spoiled otherwise lovely chicken with hot sauce all over it, but Orange Cat goes nuts for hot wings, climbs all over you. Similarly, he'll climb right up you to get at your cantaloupe, very uncharacteristically aggressive.

So I was quite jubilant when he chowed down a good hunk of cantaloupe with quite a bit of enthusiasm. It's a little ridiculous that I'm spending the time and effort to cut cantaloupe into little tiny pieces for a cat's consumption, but I just can't bear seeing him not eat.

He'll also eat a little of his regular food if there's cantaloupe on top of it, and he's been eating at least some Fancy Feast, as long as it's stinky fish flavored that smells so strong it makes me want to vomit. So I'll be back on the phone with the vet on Monday, finding out how to adjust his diet and insulin now that we've found at least a couple things he'll eat, since his diet has to be fairly carefully managed.

Mr. McGee and I ended up eating the hot wings. Tasty!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should send Mr. McGee to Hooter's to pick up some of their wings. Rumor has it they are good.

Highpockets said...

“Cantaloupe tonight, my fathers got the ladder.” Was the standard melon joke at my house growing up. I was probably ten before I figured out the connection between melons that grow on the ground, and the lack of ladders for picking them.
Hope Orange Cat starts feeling better soon.

Michael Davis said...

My cat, Marie, loves french fries from McDonald's. She also has an uncanny ability to hear the sound of a tuna can being lifted out of the cupboard...

Mary H. said...

Awww....I hope Orange Cat gets better soon!!!

My cats all love it when we give them pieces of meat. Doesn't matter what kind, lunchmeat, hamburger, steak, chicken. Carnivores that they are, they just love it.

Ms. PH said...

I had a cat that would chew through the cantaloupe skin to get to the insides if you left it on the counter. He was crazy for it - so we always had to hide the cantaloupe.