Thursday, April 03, 2008

Orange Cat Continues to Worry Me

Orange Cat managed to get himself a huge cut under his chin, probably from some cat-on-cat violence, and then of course he scratched at the healing scab and tore it off, so we ended up back at the vet for the second time in a month with what amounts to a big HOLE in my cat.

Luckily, the vet said it would probably heal fine and gave us care instructions. Unluckily, he's lost a pound and there's nothing obviously wrong with him. Since we're not entirely sure how old he is, we don't know if he's just eating less because he's old, or if there's something wrong. But since he's had his blood and urine already tested this month and all systems seem go, the vet doesn't think there's much we could do anyway except put him on a more calorie-dense food (which involves separating the cats at meal time, which will go over like a lead zepplin).

Meanwhile, Orange Cat was fairly peeved about the entire vet experience (three times in a year, I would be too), so uncharacteristically put holes in me with his claws. I guess we match now. Neosporin for everyone!

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Michael said...

I HATE going to the vet ... and they make you sit on that cold metal table with no cover on it or nuthin', brrr. Then they yank your tail straight up and stuff another cold thing up your butt. I say it's torture!