Friday, April 18, 2008


So at 4:36 a.m. we had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake centered on West Salem, Ill., (which is near Vincennes, Ind.) that lasted about 20 seconds. If you're from Illinois you already know this because it's all the entire state's been talking about all morning.

I woke up a little bit right at about 4:30 (checked the clock) because my cats were being kinda weird, and I was rousing to either shove them off the bed or tell them to sit down. I started dozing back off, then the bed started shaking and shaking and shaking. First I thought it was Grey Cat, but he jumped and ran and the bed kept shaking, so I knew it was in fact my husband twitching in his sleep and rattling the entire bed.

So I started kicking him to make him stop.

Now I feel bad.

Anyway, it woke me up pretty completely, so I got up at five and went about my day. It wasn't until I got to school and my students were all talking about the earthquake that I realized it wasn't my husband, it was the planet! So sorry, sweetie, about that whole repeated kicking thing. (He didn't wake up, though, so I don't think he remembers.)

Edit: OMG, aftershock! Right as I was posting!

Edit2: The aftershock I felt was a 4.5. It shook the floor and my monitor was bouncing back and forth, and then everyone's heads popped out of offices to go, "Did you feel that?"

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Mary H. said...

The sound of the windows rattling woke me up out of a sound sleep. I thought it was the wind. Then I realized that the bed was shaking. So I turned on Channel 25 and they were a bit shaken up. Craziness.