Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bad Blogger! Bad!

I was firmly reprimanded this evening at blogger bash for my recent laziness with regard to my blog. I have, in fact, been a terrible blogger lately. Things have been really busy lately, with the state budget issues affecting the Extension, the end of the Junior League year, finals at ICC, and Orange Cat having troubles. I haven't had time for much of anything lately!

Incidentally, one thing we were talking about at blogger bash this evening was what people like about Peoria, a topic that's been generating a lot of chatter in the local blogosphere lately. One of the things I like? Everywhere I've gone lately, everyone I know, even people I only know very slightly, have been asking me how Orange Cat is since they've read about his problems on my blog, and I appreciate that so much. I'm so stressed about the poor thing, and it's just really nice to know other people are worrying with me.

I was asked specifically about our garden at the bash too, and that's coming along. Not too much excitement so far, other than the bulbs, but Mr. McGee planted 7 fruit trees (2 paw paws, 5 more normals ones) and 6 grape vines, and I just started the spring greens and other early spring veggies (lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli, radishes, and carrots) in the veggie garden. The potatoes are in too. One of my friends lent me her kids as manual labor to help me with the potatoes (and learn a little botany). My favorite thing about this friend is that not only does she have them do my manual labor, she makes her kids thank me afterwards for letting them do it! (I feel like Tom Sawyer, trading my work for fun.)

Anyway, finals start in about a week, and all my classes have written finals, term papers, or (gulp) both. I'll be buried under those for quite a while. Finals makes students get punchy too; last year in my medical ethics class we were making a point about credentialing as we were heading into finals, and I asked one student, "What do you call the guy who graduates last in his class from Harvard Med?"

"... a lawyer?"

I still haven't decided if that was cluelessness or a dig!


Diane Vespa said...

Umm, I think there have been a lot of "bad" bloggers lately. I propose a spirit of mutual forgiveness and a pledge that we will all try to do better. ;)

Ms. PH said...

Oh, I've been a bad blogger too. And I didn't make it to the bash last night.

Now I'll be shunned for sure.

East Bluff Barbie said...

Add me to the bad blogger list. I've been so bad that Billy got my name wrong!