Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Help Eyebrows Turn 30 at Po' Boys!

After much thinkage, I've decided to celebrate my 30th birthday at Po' Boys on Friday, March 14. The Joe Metzka trio will be playing (and there is a cover, $4 after 7 p.m.), and they're great, and the food at Po' Boys is great, and it's a great atmosphere, so all in all it should be a great place to come party with me.

If you haven't been there, it's attached to the bingo building on Dries Lane, across from the Landmark Rec stuff (map on their webpage).

Will post again when I've settled firmly on a time! (Have to decide if I want to eat dinner.) We'll just be hanging out most of the evening, so come on by!

UPDATE: We'll arrive between 7:30 and 8 p.m.


Anon E. Mouse said...

Duh-Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuhnt
They say it's your birthday
Duh-Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuhnt
It's my birthday too, yeah
Duh-Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuhnt
They say it's your birthday
Duh-Nuh Nuh Nuh Nuhnt
Happy Birthday to YOU.

Indeed. And be respectful of your elders.
Best Wishes,
Anon E. Mouse
Your elder by a decade and a day.

Diane Vespa said...

I had no idea you were such a young'un. ;)

Anne D. said...

Happy Birthday! You have the same birthday as my son (he's 22 today).

I am the commenter "ElizabethD" on Consumerist, but my name is actually Anne. I want to thank you for helping me fight the fight on the item today regarding the RI business owner who tried to citizens-arrest the two Spanish-speaking customers. Oy. Your comments and responses to idiots in that thread are great.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I had every idea that you were such a youngen'!

(Okay that doesn't make sense, but for some reason, cracks me up!)

I'm hoping to make it tomorrow night, but right now I have a sick youngen' at home... If I don't make it, I'll be thinking about you and quoting anon in my head!

JennyWo said...

Hello, birthday girl!! I'm turning 30 on the 18th!! Have a happy birthday! :o)

East Bluff Barbie said...

Happy Birthday!!! I can't make it tonight. :( My babysitters all have other plans. I'll be there in spirit. Make sure you have plenty of drinks for me!

Jessamyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Eyebrows.

You know, I work behind Po' Boys at Community Workshop and Training Center (aka CWTC) and I would have went, but I had to work until 9 p.m.

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Keep an eye on Joe at your "party". While Joe plays OK he is "dirty". I watched him play with my son and while we were sitting there listening, the bartender came up to me and asked if I knew Joe was charging drinks to my tab. I didn't and he said he would remove the drink charges. Thanks Joe!

Chef Kevin said...


Why would Joe charge drinks to your tab? I know he writes into all his contracts that his drinks are on the house.

And I guess "OK" is a matter of taste.

Aside that, Eyebrows, what time were you there? Got there about 9:45 (darned job) and didn't see you.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Aw, and I was looking for you, Kev!

I think we must have left just a couple of minutes before or shortly after you got there ... we ate too many nachos and decided to chase them with cake back at my house! It was right around 10.

Peoria AntiPundit said...

Don't get me wrong, Joe is a nice guy and I still don't know if the bartender was "messing" with me or not and I don't know why Joe would use my tab. That is what the bartender told me and that is all I know. I was embarrassed even to ask Joe about it.