Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Cakes

I like to talk up local merchants I like, so I've been remiss in not mentioning Susan Crisler at Joe Brews Espresso. Mr. McGee saw her cakes in an ad on a Junior League publication, raced right out and bought one, and has bought all his cakes there ever since. (There's one location in Metamora, where they do the cakes, and one in the Center for Health on Route 91.) This was my birthday cake:

Mr. McGee told her I sew, so she "cross-stitched" the 30 in frosting, and she knew we were celebrating at Po' Boys, hence the Mardi Gras theme. And yes, they taste ENTIRELY as good as they look. (And that's REAL frosting, not that pasty stuff.)

I baked the cake for my husband's birthday, and mine didn't come out so well. For the first time in my LIFE, I had a cake fall, and I took it very personally. But I think I managed to salvage the situation. I made a double-chocolate Devil's Food cake (replace half the flour with Dutch cocoa), with fudgie frosting and a raspberry filling. When it fell, I took one layer, broke it into pieces and smushed it into the bottom of a 9x13" casserole dish, put on the raspberry layer (froze it briefly to set), then mashed the second later on top, and frosted the whole thing. Since the frosting recipe is enough to fill and frost a 9"-round 2-layer cake, the frosting layer was pretty darned thick ... it came out like an extra-rich, extra-dense chocolate cake with a fully-as-thick layer of fudge on top.

While it wasn't the prettiest cake in history, it was a pretty major hit. His birthday was on Saturday, and he happened to have his game that day, so I presented it during the game, and everyone agreed that it was the best cake ever (both taste- and humor-wise) and I was the best geek wife ever.

If you're a geek, you'll get it. If you're not, move on to some less-nerdy corner of the web. Call it my homage to Gary Gygax.
Mr. McGee's birthday cake:


Gary said...

Not sure which cake I like better.
I'm not just a geek, I'm a husband.

GardenAuthor said...

Your cake is amazing to look at, but save a piece of that homemade chocolate-raspberry creation. Somehow, that popcorn I was about to air-pop, looks a lot less interesting... Deb

Knight in Dragonland said...

Now where did I put my Vorpal Spoon of Devouring ...

Josh said...

Mmm, cake. (Said in a Homer Simpson voice)

Nicole said...

Hehehe, cake of aging. Both look quite yummy.