Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Never Have I Ever ...

Voted in a primary before. (Mostly because I've always been registered in Illinois but I spent 8 years out of state and absentee voting for a primary where the majority of the races are uncontested is a PITA for very little return -- and a bigger PITA before all these motor voter and early voter programs when getting an absentee ballot was like pulling teeth. An angry alligator's teeth.)

But today I'll be heading out to my polling station and voting in my first primary. I've been waffling over what ballot to draw (I'm not registered in either party, and Illinois is an open primary), because I think the GOP Congressional primary for the 18th district is important (and there's a distinct possibility the primary will decide the race), but I believe I'll draw a democratic ballot, as I'm also deeply interested in the 92nd district statehouse race on the Democrat side.

So you can consider this my official endorsement for Allen Mayer.

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Jennifer said...

I voted this morning and I was surprised how many uncontested races were on my ballet. Well, uncontested or no contestant at all. Nevertheless, I was really happy that the polls here in Princeville seemed pretty crowded. (Okay, it was me and the octagenarian set, but I was there at an off time.)