Thursday, February 07, 2008

Memo to Metereological Processes: ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW

As if yesterday's heart-attack snow (if you look in the dictionary under "heart-attack snow," there's a picture of yesterday's snow fall, because it was absolutely paradigmatic heart-attack snow, and a bitch to shovel) weren't enough, my garage door is frozen shut. Which may or may not be a slight improvement over yesterday, when it froze OPEN while it was snowing, thus rendering the garage useless for all its "keep snow off things" tasks. It's been freezing a lot this winter, and it typically makes up its mind after a few hours (or once a couple days, luckily frozen open) that it'll start opening and closing again. But I am very inconveniently stuck at home during the Pucks and the PlayHouse press conference. (Follow the link, buy tickets, it's going to rock.)

It will become spectacularly inconvenient (paradigmatically inconvenient?) if I'm still stuck tonight when I have to go teach.

Also I am out of butter and would really like to buy some now that I have this nice new stove for baking things in. But, again, garage frozen shut.

I am starting to share East Bluff Barbie's feelings about winter. (crude gesture, limitedly SFW)


debra said...

If your garage door is sticking to the pavement, my mom swears by this: Once it is unstuck, spray Pam cooking spray on the rubber seal that comes in contact with the driveway and your door won't stick again.

I haven't tried this myself...I've been lucky so far. And I'm not sure if it requires multiple sprays throughout the season but she says it really works.

Josh said...

I love the snow. Before and after I put a plow on my 4 wheeler.