Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just News

I know I haven't been blogtastic of late, because I've been soooooo busy teaching, with four all-different classes, two of which I've never taught before, so that's a lot of prep. I think things will actually be SLOWER when I'm into the part of the semester where I do nothing but grade papers. But to update generally:

*Residential Wiring is going well. I wired up my first circuit on Saturday, a lightbulb controlled by two switches. It worked! (Fiat lux, baby!) What sort-of amuses me about the class is that I don't think I've gotten so much praise for being minimally competent or downright mediocre since I was about EIGHT. I don't know if it's that I'm the only girl in a class with 19 boys, or if it's that virtually everyone but me has experience in the construction trades and so don't think the instructor is speaking in a heretofore undiscovered form of gibberish, but whenever I accomplish a minor task, my instructor praises me to high heaven and is all delighted that I managed to TWIST TWO WIRES TOGETHER AND PUT A HAT ON THEM.

(On second thought, perhaps the fact that I call it a "hat" gives him ample reason for joy when I don't cause things to actively light on fire.)

I've been accustomed to being in high-achieving academic situations since grade school, so I'm really not used to getting praised for being at the bottom of the class and managing to finish the assignments. He's all, "You're doing so well! I'm so impressed! You wired that up just right!"

*Took students on a field trip today to the Hindu Temple just off Farmington to observe a puja ritual as part of our Hinduism unit. It's really a spectacular building; you're missing something if you haven't been. (They also serve lunch on Saturdays and Sundays which is also REALLY GOOD.) It's in this weird little neighborhood where there's a quonset hut with three dormers and vinyl siding, and a house with a roof at like an 85-degree angle pitch. You follow the road to where you THINK it should dead end, and suddenly it turns and - bam - there's this Hindu temple right there.

*Working on a new web project I hope to launch before too much longer. This, of course, is contingent upon me having time to work on anything but work. But early-semester office hours are always excruciatingly dull since you have nothing to grade yet and no students want to see you yet, so I have ample quality time with a computer that basically browses the web (using IE, it's like living in the dark ages of 2002, I swear) and nothing else.

*Cleaned my computer. Actually decided to clean the cat hair out of the keyboard instead of just air dusting it and shaking out the crumbs. Turns out the cat hair was the only thing holding the keyboard (which is older than my marriage, so about 6) together, and once I got the cat hair out, it quit working. Since my equally-geriatric mouse hasn't worked properly in ages, I gave in and bought new ones. So, yay, I'm wireless!


B said...

"(On second thought, perhaps the fact that I call it a "hat" gives him ample reason for joy when I don't cause things to actively light on fire.)"

Hahahahaha uh yeah. Hahahahaha that's great.

NewsAnchorMom said...

You just made my "to do" list that much longer! I would love to take that electrical class so I don't kill myself updated our home and I really, really need to clean up both of my computers.
I just got a new one at work. I think I broke the old one because I never cleaned up all the old info and threw it in the trash.