Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Okay, We're All Nerds Here

When I teach a topic on "What is a person?" in my intro philosophy class, I like to show the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Measure of a Man" (season 2), where there's a trial to decide whether Data (the android) is a person under the law with the right to make his own decisions, or whether Data is a thing that belongs to somebody and must therefore submit to the scientist who wants to take him apart. Now since I am not quite so nerdy as to OWN Star Trek, it's a bit tricky making sure it's on hand when I want it. I contacted the A/V folks at the library to find out if they had it, and they're going to look in to getting it for me and just adding it to their permanent collection since only a couple libraries in the system have it (which makes ILL chancy). Which makes me feel sort-of awesome that I just added Star Trek to an academic library.

We got a new table last week. Since we got married we've been using my parents' 33-year-old first table (from Sears, natch), which is not a bad table, but only had two chairs left (both of which had a puppy teethe on them) and the leaf was long gone. It was also oval, which means that it looks like it should seat six but really only fits four. So I saw one I liked at American and we snagged it.

I was talking to some friends of my husband about the new and better table that would be arriving shortly, and one of them said, "Sweet! The table leveled!"

(When the new table arrived they all admired it and said that indeed, the table leveled quite well and must have rolled a natural 20.)


Ms. PH said...

And you called me a nerd! Puhlease!

maubs said...

Our high school Morality class often involved a Twilight Zone or Star Trek Original Series episode. Appropriate if you realize that most sci-fi is akin to a morality play.