Monday, December 31, 2007

Garbage Dropping

Somebody left a (dead) Christmas tree in front of our house, where our garbage goes for pick-up, in the dead of night. (That's really the best part, the dead-of-night part.)

We've had something similar happen a couple of times, most notably when someone left a broken computer monitor (on our property, not near the trash pick-up) for us to throw away, which you're supposed to PAY to have taken away, which I assume is why they dumped it in our yard, but fortunately the city didn't hassle us about it. So not often, but a few times over a few years.

I'm not particularly worried about it because I assume the city picks up trees (we have a fake one, so I wouldn't know), but I'm getting a little annoyed by the person or people who are using our garbage for their dumping ground. It doesn't hurt me, and I don't really care if someone walking on trash day picks up some litter and adds it to our cans. Whatever. (Really my only concern is that my neighbors might think I left a Christmas tree out for a week and a half for pickup instead of putting it out on actual trash day! And I certainly don't have an appropriate vehicle to haul it away.)

But the reason I mention it on my blog is I want to know: Is this a common problem in Peoria?
Is this teenaged prankery? Are there people who don't pay for garbage service, or don't get garbage service, and it's somehow easier to haul an entire Christmas tree to MY house instead of the dump?

Generally the worst problem we have in my neighborhood is a handful of teenaged hooligan wannabes who do a little petty vandalism, throw their trash on the ground, and think repeated New Year's Eve ding-dong ditching is hilarious. (Note to wannabe hooligans: This year, I am going to call the cops, not your parents.) So I can't imagine who this secret garbage dumper is or why he's doing it.

Luckily, we just got a neighborhood association going, so I'm going to mention it to my association and find out if it's common in the neighborhood -- and let the neighborhood watch know to keep an eye out for some jerk in a Zorro mask leaving random garbage!


Mitch said...

Be happy that they are only leaving a Christmas tree. In the East Bluff we have had to contend with the dropping off of used tires. During our last neighborhood cleanup, we picked up over 30 tires. This can help bring a neighborhood down in a hurry. If you would like, we can make up some big signs and direct them in your direction.


Ms. PH said...

See, I was going to say "Be happy they are only leaving a Christmas tree. It could be a dead body."

I guess that shows the difference in my perception of the world!

Mary H. said...

Curses...foiled again. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!