Thursday, November 01, 2007

Von Trapp Family Trick-or-Treaters, Toddlers, and Grey Cat

Things are busy at the McGee household as we prepare for the Great Basement Upheaval of 2007, which involves the Three Days of No Hot Water, so I don't have a ton of time to blog.

We had a very nice Hallowe'en, with some friends over while we all sat on the porch, drank wine, and handed out candy. (This is why I love my neighborhood -- most of the hander-outers were having a drink, and most of the parents-walking-kids were carrying a beer. Swear.) The BEST trick-or-treaters we got were the Von Trapp Family Trick-or-Treaters. Who were dressed as the Von Trapps. And sang. At every house. In four-part harmony. They were GOOD! (And the dad did look a little bit like Christopher Plummer, who is hot in that movie.)

Grey Cat loves Hallowe'en. This year, since we were sitting on the porch, we eventually had to put him in his crate on the front porch because he was wailing in emotional agony and plastering himself on the front door to try to get our attention. He spent two very happy hours, completely hyperactive, watching the kids come and go.

Our toddler neighbor trick-or-treated this year. (He was a ninja.) He came over to our house first, and we sort-of hid behind the door so he could knock, since this is really his first time. Instead, he opened our door, shouted, "OPEN NA DOOR!" and let himself in. We gave him candy and he looked at us like we had three heads. He came back at the end after going up and down the block, and THIS time he shouted "TRICK TREAT!" and then started grabbing candy from the bowl. Apparently he learned.

Grey Cat and our toddler-neighbor are in cahoots. Last week we were all sitting out on the patio chatting, watching toddler-neighbor run up and down the driveway, and we suddenly saw Grey Cat rolling around the pavement. I put him back inside, figuring the screen door hadn't latched properly, and a few minutes later he's outside AGAIN!

The culprit turned out to be toddler-neighbor, who, when faced with Grey Cat crying at the door wanting to come be with the people, was quite happy to oblige him in door-related matters requiring opposable thumbs.

Luckily toddler-neighbor chased Grey Cat with his ninja sword last night. I'm hoping this breach of faith breaks up their little organized crime ring.


Jimi said...

Wait, we can drink and hand out candy? I thought my neighbors were a bit odd for this kind of behavior, plying me with beers all evening (which I declined until it was over). I was clueless of this Peorian tradition. Twain was right, never decline a drink.

Singing trick-or-treaters. That is the coolest. What a special treat for the neighborhood.

Phoibos said...

That is our neighborhood, too. Our group of friends gathers at one house for potluck dinner right after work. Then several parents (usually the dads, but occasionally one or two moms join us) take a couple beers each and guide 10-15 kids up and down the blocks. Occasionally a house will notice us and provide replacement beers. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm jealous. My largely AC neighborhs are not likely to hand out a beer, but they will give you a nice religious tract and some unbuttered, unsalted popcorn in lieu of candy...

Anonymous said...

Out here in this particular corner of the west the kids trick or treat for candy while the adults trick or treat for beer/wine.

Apparently it's tradition.