Monday, November 05, 2007

Shock of the Week

So it turns out to be REALLY ANNOYING when someone runs a jackhammer IN YOUR HOUSE.


prepossessing said...

Please tell more.

Eyebrows McGee said...

We're having a new dewatering system put in, which involves jackhammering out about 4 inches of concrete in the basement to put in the new system (then laying new concrete over top of it), plus special holes for things like the new sump pump.

Before the jackhammerstravaganza could begin, we had to tear out all carpeting/flooring to 18" away from the wall (which was fine, it all had to come out anyway b/c it got flooded which made it moldy) and all paneling/drywall to 18" UP from the floor, which was mostly fine (same reason) except in a few spots where it didn't get flooded by now the walls have big holes in them.

And of course all furniture and fixtures had to come out for the 18" clearance, so the washer/dryer, basement bathroom fixtures, water softener, and hot water heater are all currently removed.

When all the fun is done, we'll still have to think about refinishing the ex-finished portion that's now been totally torn out.