Monday, November 19, 2007

At Least Until I Stop Jumping at Small Sounds

I realize that my blogging's been sporadic lately, and that's because I'm pretty stressed out, and I don't really like to blog about, like, serious personal feelings. I much prefer blogging about my many pratfalls and peeves. Some things aren't funny, and being up to one's eyeballs in stress is one of them.

It's not any one thing in particular; it's just a little too much of any number of things -- work, school, housecleaning (after the basement work, it's way ahead of me), holiday travel, volunteer commitments, grocery shopping, cats playing the underfoot game -- and it's all making me feel really frantic and anxious about keeping all my balls in the air. And of course once you get frantic and anxious, you tend to either work inefficiently or screw things up, which only makes you more frantic and anxious, which leads into a vicious cycle.

I'm into the part of the vicious cycle where even stupid things keep going wrong, like this morning I dumped a cup of vinegar down my shirt being clumsy, and I've lost the pin I wear on my winter coat (on a day I was a ton of places so I have no idea where it was lost), and I broke a wineglass a few days ago, and yesterday I gave myself a nasty little burn on the toaster ... and every single one of these things is a crisis situation, because I'm on my last nerve so I have no ability to just shrug, laugh, and move on.

So that's why I haven't been very entertaining lately, and I expect you won't see much on this blog for the next couple weeks, until I get myself a few new nerves and stop leaping out of my skin when, say, the furnace blower kicks on. (And maybe not until the burn from the toaster heals because that sucker hurts!)


Diane Vespa said...

Sounds to me like you need a few kids thrown in to the mix! haha.. oh that was evil! Just take some time off, go easy on yourself, but most of all DO NOT stop blogging!

Eyebrows McGee said...

Thanks, Diane. :) I won't stop blogging! I just want a little time off so it's one less thing hanging over my head!