Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Now that my schedule has settled down a little bit, I'm going back to something that I've done for years as a sideline and I love doing, which is tutoring. Tutoring's a great sideline because your clients are only available on evenings and weekends, so it fits quite nicely into "not 9-to-5." I haven't had any tutoring students for the last year or so, because I've had too much going on, but now I have space again and I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

Tutoring is a fairly referral-based business, so I'm putting the word out through friends (including you, my bloggerinos). If you know anyone who's looking for a tutor, or you hear of someone looking for a tutor, please pass my name on to them.

I tutor all subjects K-12 except AP sciences and AP math. I specialize particularly in ACT prep and in writing tutoring (which I am very good at). If your child has a serious learning disability, I recommend you work with a specialist, not with me. I mostly work with junior high and high school students; when it's younger students, it's generally because mom and dad are finding the homework wars too stressful and tear-laden and it helps to have an outsider to substitute hover-and-help so it's less emotional for everyone involved.

I can be contacted via my professional website (linked in the upper left there) or via e-mail to my blog address (also linked in the upper left). Or however else you generally prefer to contact me!

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