Friday, October 05, 2007

*Squeek, Squawk*

I have lectured a minor case of the autumnal sniffles into a pretty serious bout of laryngitis, which proves that it is actually possible for me to talk too much. Who knew?

In some sort of bizarre output synesthesia, the fact that I can't talk makes me think I can't type, and so I haven't blogged the last couple of days because I can't talk so obviously I can't blog.

I am now being a good girl and resting my voice so I can have my squawk-box back sooner rather than later. Like, by the time I have to lecture on Sunday would be good.


anon e. mouse said...

1. Was this condition created by or exacerbated by Aramis Ramirez batting in the NLDS?

2. Because YOU can't talk, do people whisper to you?

Eyebrows McGee said...

1. Unfortunately, no. It's entirely non-sports-related laryngitis.

2. LOL, not this time since I've been hiding out in my house! But once in college when I lost my voice completely I walked around with index cards that said, in order. "Hello." "I lost my voice." "You don't have to whisper."