Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Day Soon, Eyebrows Will Forget Her Filters

So lately I keep finding myself on the verge of telling people off who are being obnoxious, in ways that aren't really considered socially appropriate.

It began with this teenaged couple at ICC who are always making out in the stairwell when I head down to class. I ignore them, but every day it's harder not to shout, "Get a room!"

Then at Kroger I started wanting to demand of people things like, "Do you think it would be possible for you to block more of the aisle? Because while the six of us back here are impressed with your aisle-blocking skills, we think you may have left room for the anorexic Olsen twin to slip through."

Then I started feeling the urge to shout out the car window at people, such as, "I'm sorry, but might it be possible for you to properly observe a stop sign instead of attempting to T-bone my car?"

It's really bad in the car lately, because for some reason every idiot in Peoria who can't drive is following me around, particularly in parking lots. Cutting me off, aggressively snatching parking spots (when there's another one three spots down that I'd be HAPPY to take instead if you weren't being such an ass about it), ignoring traffic signals, etc.

Today I went to Michael's and as I (and other cars) were attempting to pull IN to the parking lot, this woman started moseying and meandering as slowly as humanly possible on foot from her car to the store, but in such a fashion as to block the ENTIRE lane so everybody had to sit and wait while she walked almost the entire length of the parking lot excruciatingly slowly, and THEN she walked across every available parking spot, though it was clearly unnecessary, so that everyone had to wait for her to move her tackily-clad ass out of the way before anyone could park. And she just threw this arrogant look at all the cars while she did it; it was definitely on purpose.

It was all I could do not to track her down in the store and say, "I'm sorry, I don't think you managed to squeeze every possible drop of rudeness out of our parking lot encounter; was there anything else you wanted to add, or are you done with obnoxious for the day?"

It's probably good I'm going on a little vacation to visit my dad and see my law school roommate (and her toddler!), because my filters are in imminent danger of failure!


B said...

The general disrespect the common man shows his peers is incredible and only seems to be getting worse. I find myself counting to ten. Often.
It's really not that hard just like the old days of fire safety and Stop, Drop, and Roll.
Stop, think, act. But that would require people to hang up their phones.

Jennifer said...

I find myself frequently yelling at cars speeding down our residential street (SLOW DOWN!!!). It embarrasses my kids and some day my husband will likely get beat up (defending me) but it drives me crazy. It's one thing to drive 80 on the interstate, another to drive 20 over on my residential street full of kids....

East Bluff Barbie said...

I see my blog as cleaning my filter. If I don't clean it out regularly it is going to get clogged and no longer work properly. God help us all if it stops working!;)

Cory said...

In the stupid lady walking through the parking lot, I DEFINITELY would've crept up right behind her and laid on the horn. Works every time.

pdw said...

I think a decrease in tolerance comes with age. I did find myself instructing two gossiping people at Krogers that if they just moved their carts about 6 inches they could in fact block the isle in a much more efficient manner, mortifying the person with me. That was quite tame when at Kohl's in MN, some snotty teenager was commenting loudly to his mother about the crappy shoes she wanted to buy him. He browbeated her until I calmly walked up to him and told him that if he were my child, he'd walk barefoot until his smartassed mouth got himself a job in order to buy his own shoes, if he ever treated me like that. He shut up rather quickly. I am not sure if the mother was relieved or further embarrassed.

Chef Kevin said...

"Do you think it would be possible for you to block more of the aisle?"

I think you should call Don Jackson and have him organize a picket in front of Krogers....owh, wait, I've got that backwards..never mind.

Anonymous said...

How about this through you law and ethics filter?

The recent news of the daughter of a retired state judge and current federal magistrate being named associate judge seemed to smell of conflict and patronage. This lawyers father supposedly drawing a state pension and now working on a federal pension.

From what I understand there were bunch of very qualified candidates who aren't related to current judges. If they wanted a female I hear there were several on the list of candidates more qualified and better suited to fill this role.

It seems to me that these positions should be awarded to the brightest and most qualified attorneys and the people most likely to think outside the box and try to address some very serious problems that end up in our h thatsinterlawyers anmo
court house. But here we have a very high paying job going to the daughter of a former judge who has milked the state system and is now milking the federal system? No wonder the system locally is so screwed up and the crime rate is on the rise. We are turning into Chicago.

Does this sort of thing offend you, your husband or other attorneys? If your students asked about this situation and I'm sure that some of them could probably see right through this charade, what would you tell them?

Iron-Man said...

Driving right up to her and shouting "HEY BITCH, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY" might be something to consider next time. Then again, you live in Peoria and probably could not get away with such antics.

Anonymous said...

I think that we are all becoming too self-centered. I went on a guided nature walk in Forest Park the other day, and there was this group of brownies and their parental types who were alternately lagging behind and ranging ahead. Although the naturalist quickly gave up on waiting for them to the detriment of the rest of the group, they were still extremely loud, poorly behaved, and obnoxious the whole time. They had no thought for anyone else, certainly were not bothering to learn anything from the naturalist, and their parental types did not seem to care at all. I didn't realize that they were actually named after the more fey variety.

Later, when I got back to the parking lot, I found some elderly couple next to my car, and the man actually put his hand in the center of my hood and started leaning over it. Your stereotypical old delinquent out on the town to cause trouble. When I approached and asked them to stop, they looked at me like they had every right to be there, until his wife finally apologized for him.

I felt like I'd been disrespected by every possible generation. And, of course, I still had to endure the ride home, which included two people cutting me off and somebody sitting just far enough back and over at a red light to block me from getting into the right turn lane. I flashed my lights, but to no avail, even though they had plenty of room to let me past.

American society has become so systemically self oriented that people rarely look outside themselves anymore. Our culture is built around personal consumerism and advertising meant to market everything to each person's individual tastes. Government is viewed as offensive if it is not catering to our personal whims, because we feel entitled to full service from that quarter, too. Volunteerism is at an all time low. Few neighborhoods exist anymore - most people can probably not name more than one or two of their neighbors.

I find the reply comments here interesting. Many encourage a violent response to these disturbing trends. One rails at a judicial appointment as if it were a personal affront, and with the easy assumption of corruption. While I fully identify with the knee jerk reaction to kill or be killed in the urban jungle, and the distrust of all things political, I would also note that such responses differ little from the stimuli that engender them, and in the end only exacerbate society's spiral into incivility. If we address these issues in such a manner in public discourse, what hope is there in the realm of social interaction?

Perhaps disrespect will only continue to breed more disrespect. Perhaps we should all just have a delayed reaction to Y2K and start building cabins in the woods again. Of course, then we'd lose our access to the internet and blogs, and what fun would that be?

I read an op ed piece recently that detailed some of the issues with the Bush administration and current US policy (
it__or_we_d_be_screaming__right_), and the point that struck me was that we have not lost our freedom of speech or our public forum. In fact, our public forum has greatly expanded with the direct access allowed by the internet. Although it may seem at times that intelligent public discourse is dead, I submit that a few pockets remain, and that the opportunity still lives.

Lola Takes Pictures said...

was that you in that car dissing me with your eyes? that was me mosing along in the michaels parking lot. ok, just kidding. ;)

i understand your frustration completely but i actually find people here are more courteous than where we came from in NM. people are actually nice at the walmarts here and say excuse me. this is definitely something i'm not used to. sad but true...