Sunday, October 21, 2007

My House CAN Hear Me!

The day after I posted that last post, my garage door got stuck shut. Will. Not. Move. No matter how much force is applied. And we can't figure out how or why it's stuck. And of course my car is in the garage.


Jimi said...


No emergency release on the opener? It's a triangle dohicky dealy-o on the rail with a hole in it to attach a cord to yank down. If you have one it should be right where the door attaches to the chain or screw. At least that's how mine is. Good luck!

Eyebrows McGee said...

Yeah, the problem isn't the opener and obviously we emergency-released that first and attempted main force.

The problem was it was physically stuck. We disassembled part of the door rolling mechanism and that fixed the problem, but we still don't know what CAUSED the problem.

Katie said...

Are you sure you just don't have the boogie man living there?

Jennifer said...

How crazy. It put's a whole new spin on the saying "the walls have ears...."

I hate to be superstitious, too, it seems so irrational and small minded, but I find myself 1/2 believing in crazy things like that, too.

Jimi said...


Sorry if I come across as Dr. Obvious. I'm used to the exasperated looks, head shakes from my wife. Just another (too) logical man in a world full of 'em. I hope you don't have to replace everything until the problem is fixed.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Fortunately we got it undone! Our solution was to ask everyone who came by our house to look at it until someone came up with an answer!