Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I've Lived Here Three Years and I Know Everyone in Peoria

Nothing makes it quite so clear to me what a small town Peoria really is as teaching at ICC. This semester I have a waitress from One World who's served me a bunch of times, the cousin of a student I had LAST semester, the niece of a city government member I've met, someone who's from my hometown and went to the same junior high as me (every few days we have to have a "Do you know so-and-so? Is that store still open? When did you last have a Little Louie's dog?" thing), and that's just off the top of my head. I've run into my fabric store salesgal in the hallway, met Jessamyn (of WMBD blog, she's absolutely adorable in person!) at my office hours one day ... I've had my eye doctor's assistant (nurse? tech?) and my massage therapist's receptionist (5 Senses Salon and Spa, at Grand Prairie, near Jones Bros.) in class in past semesters. I mean really, who haven't I run into or had in class at ICC at this point? Even my dean's husband knows my husband from Bradley's moot court competitions (which Mr. McGee likes to judge). I've accepted that it's inevitable that if I teach at ICC long enough, I will eventually teach literally everyone in the entire tri-county area.

When I first started I worried about what would happen if I had anyone I knew in my classes. Now I know that in Peoria, you know everyone in your classes, full stop. The only one I worried about was my eye doctor's assistant, because she could have poked my eyes out if I pissed her off. (No, seriously, she's a very nice girl.)

The only person I haven't had in a class yet, despite the fact that I teach mechanics just about every semester, is anyone who can fix my darned car. They're all GM-only, or live 8 counties away, or only do diesel. And you know how hard it is to find a good mechanic!


Jennifer said...

We could start a "6 degrees of Eyebrows" game.....

(Oh, and just imagine if you grew up here)

Jessamyn said...

You've met but have any of the WMBD news team yet?