Friday, October 26, 2007

The DMV: More Things Peorians Do That Amuse Me

So in August I had to get my plates renewed. As per usual, the renewal form did not arrive in enough time to be able to do it by mail, and I object to paying extra money in processing fees so that I can SAVE THE DMV TIME AND MONEY by doing it online (oh, hey, I've bitched about this before). As per usual, I didn't get around to it until the last possible day for August plate renewals.

This year I went to the actual DMV to do the plate renewal. I live about 5 minutes from the Peoria DMV. It was just about as crowded as I've ever seen it, which means I was in and out in 15 minutes, despite the fact that every single person whose license plate renews in August who lives in the tri-county area was also in line to last-minute renew.

This is where Peorians start to crack me up.

Every single native Peorian I mentioned this to shook his head in sympathy

"What you need to do," I was told over and over again, "is drive up to Roanoke and use the DMV there. Then you won't have to wait in those terrible lines."

"But it takes 45 minutes each way to get to Roanoke and back," I protested. "Even if it takes only 5 minutes to renew my plates in Roanoke, that's 1 hour and 35 minutes in driving and DMV time, versus 10 minutes back and forth to the local DMV plus 15 minutes in line, for a total of 25 minutes."

"But there are no lines in Roanoke," they would explain to me, as if I was a very small and somewhat stupid child.

"But it takes an hour and a half to drive back and forth! You're wasting over an hour."

"But there are no lines."

I eventually had to give up because I was unable to convince a single person that it made far more sense to go to the DMV in Peoria and wait in line with a book for 15 minutes than to drive all the way to Roanoke to wait in line for five. I guess the fact that half of Peoria is driving to Roanoke or Lacon to visit the DMV means that the lines at the actual convenient DMV stay nice and short for me.

I shudder to think what would happen to these people if they had to go to a Cook County DMV, where on Saturdays they start lining up 3 hours before opening at some locations. I've waited in football campout lines shorter than that.


Jeep2000 said...

Yes, for us it was always "You should go to Lacon."
Sure, why not make a day of it? You're having fun anyway, right?

Michele said...

Not that I don't enjoy a good trip to Lacon or Roanoke or Wyoming or Kewanee (the possibilities abound!), but I just go to South Side Bank. You pay about $4 extra, but it's easier for me than going to the DMV.

billy dennis said...

What's so hard to understand. It's not the time. It's having to STAND in LINE. A pleasant drive in the country is a good thing.

Jennifer said...

I love the DMV, especially the Peoria one, excellent people watching. (which to me is way more interesting than a drive in the country)

Eyebrows McGee said...

"A pleasant drive in the country is a good thing."

Not at current gas prices, it isn't!

Ramble On said...

Got my sticker today at the Peoria DMV. No line, right in and right out. Form was filled in and check was ready. Of course, my sticker didn't expire until Nov. 31! If I wait, I forget.

anon e. mouse said...

November 31st???

There will be a Blogger Bash at my house on that day. I am grilling Ribeyes for everyone.

Kevin Lowe said...

When I lived in Chicago, I often thought it would be faster to drive to the Peoria DMV.

Eyebrows McGee said...

Now THAT would have in fact been true, and I suggested my brother do exactly that when he had to renew in Chicago! "Drive down to Peoria, visit me, get your license."

Cory said...

Hey wait! There IS no November 31st!

Ryan Johnson said...

I seem to remember you pointing out to a reporter on your blog one time that Illinois does not have DMV's. It's the SOS Driver Service Facility.

Chris said...

The only thing Peorians hate more than waiting in line is to have to pay for parking. I absolutely hate paying to park at an event I'm already paying to attend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if anyone cares, you can renew stickers at South Side Bank. Maybe other banks as well. I got mine at South Side and there was no line...=)