Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogger Bash Is On, My Party Is Not

Blogger Bash will be on Tuesday the 30th at Donnelly's. Be there or be square, as they say.

My Hallowe'en party, on the other hand, is off. All 2007 it's been like my house can HEAR me. Every time I start to plan a party, something breaks. (Including my own anniversary, when my sewer pipe backed up into the house and I had to get it emergency roto-rooted so I could have dinner with my husband!) Not a single event I have tried to plan this year has come off. It's very depressing.

Anyway, we're having our new dewatering system put in a couple of days after Hallowe'en, which means, first, that the basement would be unavailable for the party (which is where we typically stash the medium-sized kids with videos and video games); and second, that everything that lives in the basement is on the other two floors of my house, so there's hardly any room to have a party in the rest of the house anyway. I was waffling about it, pondering whether I could chance holding the party partly outdoors; then at the beginning of October, my water-heater went (since it has to be taken out for the dewatering system to go in, it's hobbling along until then so we don't have to have the new one installed, removed, and reinstalled) AND my oven went, which I haven't dealt with because, well, stovetop, toaster oven, and microwave keep me pretty well-fed and I haven't really had time to worry about it with all the basement annoyances.

I hesitate to even mention it on my blog because I'm getting superstitious, like if I mention it, the house will break something new, but I'm seriously running out of plumbing-and-gas-related systems that can fail. (Knock on wood!)

(So far in the past year: Sump pump, disposal, water softener, oven, water heater, sewer drain, dewatering system, and a variety of garden-variety clogged drains. Also the furnace near year-end 2006. Also the dishwasher at Thanksgiving 2005. Also CILCO turned off our gas once earlier this year and forgot to turn it back on, but they sent the dude out really quick.)

On the plus side, virtually every system in my house has been thoroughly serviced or is brand new, or will be by the end of this year. Small favors, I guess!


My Flock Rocks! said...

Oh the joys of being a homeowner! As Rosanna Rosanna Danna would say...It's always something! We just bought a different home (notice I didn't say "new") and every week there's something not working or needs fixing...I think we bought the "Money Pit"

Anonymous said...

We could always loan you some crack heads to remove any copper pipe at your (in)convienence...haha