Thursday, September 06, 2007

Note to Self: Do Not Fly Nepal Airlines

Nepal Airlines sacrifices goat to fix electrical problem.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, you probably should not since you would probably never appreciate cultures and beliefs different from your own heartland. And oh, yes, I guess at the heartland, you don't have boats and you don't smash champagne bottles before ships/boats leave harbor.

Eyebrows McGee said...

I was not actually aware that electrical engineering responded to different cultures and customs rather than to immutable laws of nature, but if you're comfortable with bridges built by engineers who ignore physics in favor of psychics, more power to you.

PS -- Love it when smallminded bigots (that'd be you, making assumptions about and mocking those of us in the heartland) accuse others of bigotry and smallmindedness. Hey, kettle? This is pot. YOU'RE BLACK!

Anonymous said...

So by that logic, if you're in Lemmingville, and all the Lemmings are jumping off a cliff because they believe their god will let them fly across the ocean to paradise, you'd jump off the cliff with them just to appreciate their culture and beliefs?

I enjoy other cultures and beliefs, but I think I'll keep appreciating them from over here on solid ground, thanks! I don't think appreciation for another culture or religion requires risking your life based on someone else's faith.